Unveiling Sydney’s Top 14 Pools for 2023

November 14, 2023

Sydney, our beautiful coastal city, is renowned for many things, and come summertime, pools are certainly high on that list. As we revisit the recent Blue Haven Pool of the Year Awards held last September, we invite you to journey with us through a blend of modern design, heartwarming family tales, and pure luxury.

An enchanting evening was promised, and boy, did we deliver! Set within the heart of Lansvale, the Paradise Pizza and Pool Club isn’t merely a venue. It has rightfully earned its reputation as the Ultimate Lifestyle Destination. Nestled within our Blue Haven Flagship Showroom, the atmosphere dripped with elegance, from the scent of freshly baked artisanal pizzas to the graceful performances of fire dancers, all set against a backdrop of Blue Haven’s world-class pool displays. As we recount the brilliance of that night, let’s delve into the heart and soul of the awards – the families and how their Blue Haven pools have changed their lifestyles.

Pride and Prestige: The Award-Winning Pool Sagas

The awards culminated in the recognition of Australia’s Top 3 Sexiest Swimming Pools in 2023:


Gold, Wilson Family

The Award-Winning Pool Sagas

Nestled right opposite the picturesque river at Picnic Point, the Wilson’s oasis is more than a pool – it’s an ever-evolving tale of love, laughter, and many splashes.


Silver, Mehri Family

Silver, Mehri Family Pool

Catherine Fields now boasts a glittering gem that isn’t just a pool but a testament to luxury. Waterfall curtain, spa, drama – it’s all there.


Bronze, Steele Family

Bronze, Steele Family swimming pool

A pool with history and design in its DNA. The Steele’s creation is where the past meets present in a dazzling spectacle.


Highly Commended Pool Tales: A Glimpse into Aquatic Elegance

  • Duck Family, Razorback

Duck Family, Razorback

“We now have our own resort to enjoy with our family and friends. Summers are now so much fun but also so relaxing.”


  • Sgroi Family

Sgroi Family Pools

“Our kids always smile & excited to jump in, which makes the experience & appeal so much more than words can describe.”


  • Sorich Family, Gledswood Hills

Sorich Family, Gledswood Hills swimming pool

“Our health has improved. And the quality of time we have somewhere is now spent in our backyard. Enjoyed the nice exercise and a good dip at the pool, especially on summer.”


  • Gawne Family, Bundeena

Gawne Family, Bundeena

“The swim jets came to the rescue and now the kids can swim laps in our own backyard.”


  • Kilby Family, Empire Bay

Kilby Family, Empire Bay- Swimming pool

“From Grass to over 450sqm of entertainment with a breathtaking view of the natural bushland.

Thanks, Blue Haven, you made my wife happy and family just loves the pool.”


  • Hall Family, Gables

Hall Family, Gables

“We love it!”


  • Butcher Family, Cromer

Butcher Family, Cromer

“This pool has taken our family life to a level we never knew could exist. And it’s added flair and value to our home!”


  • Cosinas Family, Gables

Cosinas Family, Gables - swimming pool

“Entertainment for our guests.”


  • Seitis Family, Middleton Grange

Seitis Family, Middleton Grange- Swimming pool

“Our pool makes me happy to look out our window… Bringing our families together our grandchildren are loving being here… I feel so lucky, thank you Blue Haven.”


  • Lowery Family, Mount Colah

Lowery Family, Mount Colah swimming pool

“It’s only new, but our water babies love it. The filtration equipment is in an acoustic box behind the deck area.”


  • Pitigala Family, The Ponds

Pitigala Family, The Ponds

“Blue Haven Pools, gave us the luxuries of a wonderful getaway, with a great pool right in our own backyard.”

Thank you, our esteemed guests, for gracing the event with your presence and sharing your pool stories with us. Here’s to more incredible designs, more splashy fun, and another year of Blue Haven excellence. Dive in and dream big, Sydney! We’ll be waiting with bated breath (and perhaps, floaties) for next year’s stunners. Ready for your own pool story? Dive in with us today!

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