A hot tub is a valuable addition to any Australian home. Young or old, everybody loves hydrotherapy – for stress relief, soothing muscle soreness, or sharing a rejuvenating soak. Start with a beautifully designed, high-performance hot tub.


Well now you can because our spas are always in stock and ready for immediate click and collect.

Create your bliss and sacred space with an outdoor oasis that provides the ultimate in relaxation and a cool place for socialising.

Free from the restrictions of the walls, doors and boredom inside the house, you can make your new outdoor oasis as sophisticated or as rustic as you like.

No need for a professional landscaper! Style your spa for every occasion, every vibe and every mood! Perfect and easy to DIY dress up.

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RENTING? You can install a portable spa instead of a pool! Take it with you when you move.
NO ACCESS TO DIG A POOL? Simply place your spa aboveground. No need to dig!
USE HOT OR COLD – Is it a pool? Is it a spa? Its both! Enjoy all seasons.

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Spend more time outdoors

One of today’s hottest design trends is creating a relaxed environment for private enjoyment or casual entertaining. As a private and a social extension of the home, a hot tub-centered “living room” brings the indoors outside. Who doesn’t dream of a backyard where they can relax, enjoy family time, or invite guests for a barbecue and hot tub party? You can have just that, with a little planning.


Apply the five basics of interior design to your outdoor Oasis:


  • Floor coverings (what goes under the hot tub and around it: decks, hardscape, lawns and gardens)
  • Wall décor (screens, trellises, hanging plants, a gazebo)
  • Lighting (soft lighting from your hot tub is one source)
  • Furnishings (patio table and chairs, planters)
  • Accessories (spa steps, bar and stools, stereo, barbecue)


You have a wide choice of styles, options, and accessories. Have fun putting together the perfect hot tub plan for your backyard! Our team of experts can help you explore our selection of hot tubs, hot tub accessories and hot tub products for sale in Sydney. Creating an outdoor oasis has never been so simple!

Spa Range

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Our Verona is family friendly and moulded to support your body in comfort. Effective hydro massage for neck, back, wrists, legs and feet with air control and massage selectors within easy reach. Complete with under water lighting this spa is the right atmosphere for every night session.

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Caeser’s Palace

The Caesars Palace spa is built for relaxation. 6 seats, 4 headrests and 49 jets see to it that every part of your body is as comfortable as possible. The high-class hydrotherapy is an antidote for tired muscles and bones, reinvigorating your passion and vigour.

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Sapphire Sea

Enjoy this compact 4m swim spa complete with swimming corridor and 2 jet therapy seats. Seats are surrounded by gentle jets, providing pleasant bursts of water to your body. Easy to use touch pad within close reach complete with mood lighting and lockable hardcover. Easily fits in with your landscaping and surrounds making this a popular swim spa for fitness and fun.

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The Tahoe design makes it the perfect spa for socializing. Share the spa experience with your partner, friends or family and enjoy the warm embrace of the jets and the special atmosphere created by the mood lighting.

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Sunken Oasis

The Sunken Oasis is spacious and luxurious making it the ultimate entertainment spa. With up to 5 seats and 42 jets that deliver hydro-therapeutic benefits to everyone. Embrace the warm atmosphere and let the Sunken Oasis relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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This compact 3 seater spa is the perfect place to nestle up with that special someone. Indulge yourself in a full sensory experience, with underwater mood lighting, 26 focused jets to caress your body and heating that will get your blood circulating.

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Arabian Sea

Float in the gentle waters of the Arabian Sea and rest your body and mind in this spacious swim spa. Swim against the Arabian Sea’s swim jets for exercise and then rest in one of the seats which are surrounded by gentle jets, providing pleasant bursts of water to your body  

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Ocean View

The Ocean View swim spa with its unique side viewing access is the ultimate single zone swim spa with focus on personal exercise and relaxation. The extra-long swim zone provides additional freedom and enough underwater workout space for two people. Three integrated massage seats complete this Unique Innovative package.

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The Pharaoh Dual Zone swim spa is the Ultimate in the Blue Haven Swim Spa Range. The aim is creating the ultimate swim spa experience with focus on personal exercise and relaxation. The extra-long swim zone provides additional freedom and enough underwater workout space for two people. Separate spa and swim zones allow for individual settings and operation for a Magical experience.

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