Our company started in the 1970s when Ray Awadallah began to manufacture and install vinyl-lined above ground pools in Yennora NSW. Ray loved the water and is a true family man so when he saw the happiness a pool could bring to families across Australia, the story of Blue Haven took on a life of its own.

The iconic elephant branding is synonymous with the fact that a Blue Haven Pool was strong enough to walk an elephant in. Jumbo strength. Jumbo durability. Cool fact is that at one point, a Blue Haven vinyl pool was the only one worthy of a local government Development Application (DA) approval, and today many customers from the '70s still enjoy the same original pool installed almost 50 years ago!

Yennora display centre

1973 - One of our first display centres in Sydney


Blue Haven Pools set up at 25 different shopping centres to launch into portable spas and showcase the strongest pools in the marketplace.

1981 – Mile Stone 2

Blue Haven Pools launched a Kevlar-reinforced fibreglass pool and the world's first ribbed fibreglass pool that did not require a steel and concrete bond beam to hold it in ground. With the pool and coping designed as one structure, pools began to sell like hot cakes.

According to the Cordell Report, Blue Haven Pools sold up to ten times more pools than any other pool company for almost 15 years in a row, based on the number of Development Applications processed by local governments. The company had still not started competing in the concrete pool sector and remained solidly devoted to fibreglass and vinyl lined above ground pools until the early 1990s.

1985- 1987 – Mile Stone 3

Blue Haven Pools built a humongous liner for It’s a Knockout, the only TV game show of its time! The liner had to be built at Fairfield Park because the factory at Yennora was nowhere near big enough. The liner ended up being so heavy that it needed to be craned in and installed before it was used on three seasons of the show.


Blue Haven Pools won the Australian Design Award for the world’s first semi-inground pool design. Together with BHP Steel, the company created a new material called Marviplate, a galvanised steel, bonded both ways with vinyl. Crafted from Marviplate, this pool was the only one in the world that could withstand both inground corrosion and salt water corrosion. The pool became the first vinyl pool design to be both semi-inground (instead of fully above ground) and also strong enough to withstand salt water chlorination.

1988 – Australia’s Wonderland – the Beach

Blue Haven Pools took over part of the iconic Australia’s Wonderland's very own water park, which was built in 1988 and opened on the 4th of December 1988. Unlike the rest of the park, which remained open year-round, The Beach was a seasonal attraction that was closed during the winter months (April–September). The Beach had two pools (a large swimming pool and a smaller wading pool), as well as four different water slides.


Blue Haven bring in a salt water crocodile to the easter show to launch the first SALT WATER POOL for aboveground pools ever. The marviplate steel components were galvanised and vinyl coated for salt water protection.


Dame Edna helped Blue Haven Pools open up for the Royal Easter Show, where the company won countless awards for best display and innovation – year after year. Blue Haven Pools opened up more branches nationally, owning a total of 20 showroom branches in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. All of the branches were owned and managed by the Awadallah family and not franchised.


Blue Haven Pools’ Marviplate Galvanised Steel Semi-Inground Pool opened 20 stores in the United States, with a head office in Austin, Texas. Additional stores opened throughout London and Italy.

Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Ray Awadallah and wife Mary Awadallah celebrated the success with BHP Steel with a prestigious dinner event onboard the Iron Pacific, heralding the success of exporting so much steel globally.

Originally, the company went to the USA to trade under the name Blue Haven Pools - only to find out upon arrival that there was another pool company trading under the same name! This was way before the days of internet search – so who was to know?

As a result, the company worked as True Blue Pools for a short time before becoming Aussie Pools for several years of successful overseas trading.


John Singleton joined Blue Haven Pools for a marketing campaign to educate the public on salt water non-corrosive pools. The campaign was so controversial that it was restricted to late-night TV.

In the campaign, John talked about salt water from his pool floaty, before appearing at the beach in the final shot -- which was what made the campaign so memorable. While swimming in the ocean, John disappeared below a wave and the entire screen turned blood red, implying he was attacked by a shark.

The campaign was designed to encourage Aussie families to swim in salt water at home instead of the beach.




Blue Haven Pools built a temporary pool structure for elite swimming training in Sydney Harbour and helped a lot of charities raise money that weekend.


Blue Haven Pools launched into the concrete pool market. Over the next decade, the company took over dozens of pool companies, including the oldest and most trusted concrete pool builder in Australia - Mutual Pools.

Marketplace hysteria ensued as a result of crazy prices to launch the new concrete range, and close to 2,000 concrete pools were built almost every year for the next 12 years. At that time, concrete pools started at $9,990, prices so low that they’ve never been seen before or since.


Jeff fenech


Blue Haven Pools’ head office relocated to Hume Highway, Lansvale NSW, taking up 10,000 square metres of factory and showroom area. The warehouse continues to serve as the headquarters for Blue Haven Pools, featuring over 50 mini pools for customers to see pools and spas in all shapes and sizes. It’s the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

At the time of the Sydney Olympics, the company sold close to 2,000 concrete pools in any given year. Multiple showrooms were buzzing seven days a week and the company employed over 500 staff, contractors and suppliers.

"Blue Haven Pools is taken over by daughter, Remonda. Whilst the company analyses with the idea of franchisees for several years, Remonda continues today to run the company as one owner and still by the same founding family." Remonda


Blue Haven Pools launches its new BLU HVN branding, with a new website that celebrates the opportunity to order your pool online -- a world first.

Managing Director Remonda Martinez believes that consumers are time-poor and not interested in a lengthy sales process. Living in a day and age where we already know what we want, online pool sales was the obvious direction.

All packages are designed by Blue Haven Pools to take away the pressure and to make pool building fun and easy.

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