We understand that installing a pool or spa is a significant emotional and financial decision so we have partnered with the team at Strategic Investor Group and MacCredit who have helped hundreds of families arrange funding for their new pools and spas. Depending on your personal circumstances, they may even be able to get you a lower interest rate without changing banks at all. Now imagine being able to pay for your new pool, getting a better deal, while adding REAL value to your home.

Helping to refinance your current home loan with record low rates from 2.09% what have you got to lose?

Or Home Improvement loans from 7.5% and with terms of up to 7 years it could be a better option than a personal loan or credit card interest.

We do require finance application to be approved after formal agreement to build the pool is finalised

Strategic finance

Strategic Investor Group could help you with your investments in a number of ways. Together we’ve been able to help hundreds of Australian families re-finance their current home loan with the same bank or a better bank and virtually work the pool into the re-finance deal. Imagine getting the pool on the house! If you’re keen to see how much you could be saving on monthly home loan repayments then don’t wait another moment!


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