Blue Haven Pools provides a fresh and easy approach to building a concrete pool in your backyard. Managed by a vibrant team, delivering a custom designed and well-built pool that is modern, functional and easily approved in as little as 10 days and built in under 12 weeks.

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Life is full of fabulous choices and at Blue Haven, we are proud to showcase Australia’s most contemporary range of pool designs.

Working with our experts, you can customise your perfect pool to suit your unique needs, while taking your lifestyle, backyard, architecture and most importantly, your budget into consideration.

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The pinnacle of backyard entertainment, our inground pools fit seamlessly into the design of your home and outdoor decor. Each inground pool design is tailored to your preferences, they are built to fit into your backyard’s dimensions which means it becomes a unique asset to your home.

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Innovation and creativity have driven us since our beginning. We’ve developed the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool for you to enjoy the pleasure of a backyard pool while minimising the impact upon the environment and maximising the remarkable benefits of minerals.

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The secret to building a stunning pool is that it should seamlessly connect with your home and not look like a stand-alone eyesore in the middle of your backyard. For this reason we recommend the Glass Window for Out of Ground designs rather than an above ground pool.

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Plunge pools are great for any backyard whether it be large or small. However, because backyards are getting smaller and sometimes access is restricted, plunge pools are a fabulous solution!

At Blue Haven Pools we custom design plunge pools tailored to suit your space and we also have ready to swim options literally ready for delivery and immediate swimming.

Twice the luxury, half the size.

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A lap pool is a statement, no matter which length you choose because the result will be a stunning addition to your home. Lap pools regularly feature in lifestyle media and are a sought-after design statement for those with impeccable taste. If you’re a serious swimmer looking for an unobstructed swimming corridor and also love entertaining during summer, then this is for you.

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These pools are ready for self installation and immediate swimming. They are ideal for a sloping block and can be placed fully aboveground or semi inground. All you need is transport, the right base for pool to sit on, a plumber and an electrician. Then you can sit back and relax. How easy is that!

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Your next swimming pool can touch the horizon, with a Blue Haven infinity edge pool design. These specialty crafted pools give the visual effect of water extending out towards the horizon, with the edges suddenly vanishing.

An infinity-edge pool can seamlessly blend your pool into the environment and give swimmers a glorious view out over the landscape.

These pools not only provide excellent views but can add significant value to your home. It takes a skilled professional to install a contemporary infinity pool. We have extensive experience in creating and implementing modern infinity pool designs.

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Some sloping blocks call for a raised out of ground pool. Following the natural elevation creates a masterpiece elevated pool. You can play with a wet edge, tiled feature piece, glass panels, or decked platforms.

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The best thing about a Fibreglass Pool is that they’re incredibly quick and easy to install. So, if Summer is just around the corner and you are looking for a pool to quell the oncoming heat, Blue Haven has got you covered with reliable, modern Fibreglass designs.

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If you're improving your home and looking for effective ways to stylise the backyard, we specialise in structural and cosmetic renovations. We can change the shape of your pool, reconfigure the orientation or add or subtract walls.

Small additions like a spa can dramatically change the space and functionality of your pool, or we can even make it an inclusion to your long pool.

Design is at the heart of what we do, then execute with absolute precision.

Talk to us now to see if your pool could benefit with a renovation.

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