How We Transformed a Coogee Backyard into a Wellness Sanctuary in Just 10 Weeks

April 28, 2024

Nestled in the bustling neighbourhood of Coogee, one family envisioned transforming their ordinary backyard into a serene sanctuary that complemented the existing architectural style while enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal. Their goal was to create a timeless outdoor space for relaxation and family gatherings.


Transforming the Vision into Reality

Central to the transformation was the installation of a 6m x 3m heated mineral pool. Opting for the Blue Haven Mineral Generator allowed for the use of natural minerals in water purification, promoting a healthier swimming environment. “It’s gentle on our skin and senses,” mentioned the client, reflecting on the pool’s wellness benefits.


To ensure durability and aesthetic harmony, 400mm tiles were chosen for walkways around the pool, with an extended walkway on one side to integrate seamlessly with the yard. The installation of sleek glass fencing maintained the area’s open feel while ensuring privacy and safety.

Seamless Integration with the Landscape


Seamless Integration with the Landscape

The integration of the pool with the existing garden was seamless, with thoughtful landscaping to maintain visual flow and accessibility. “The pool blends perfectly with our garden,” the client noted.


Efficient and Eco-Friendly Features

The project also focused on sustainability, with the mineral generator significantly reducing both wastewater and energy consumption by 12,000 litres and 50%, respectively. The system’s smart automation and self-cleaning capabilities make it virtually maintenance-free, aligning with the family’s values of efficiency and environmental consciousness.


Client Satisfaction and Project Success

Completed within a tight 10-week timeframe, the Coogee Pool Project exceeded the client’s expectations and became a beloved feature of their home, enhancing both its functionality and appeal. The positive feedback from the client highlights the success of this backyard transformation into a wellness retreat that the entire family can enjoy for many years to come.

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