Pool Journal

15 Sep 2021

A Peek Inside Our CEO’s Home

Trendy and Modern. Chic and Vibrant. Bright and Convenient.

Nestled in the iconic suburb of Paddington is the lovely home of …

15 Sep 2021

Five Factors to Consider When Designing a Custom Concrete Pool

A swimming pool is likely to be the single most expensive item you will ever put in your home …

25 Aug 2021

Water Safety Tips: Building a Pool Safe for Your Children

Everyone deserves to take some time and swim as it is a leisure activity that doubles as a form of …

20 Jul 2021

The World’s Best Backyard Water Slides

Australians LOVE waterparks. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s fun, refreshing, exciting, and did I mention…fun? So imagine having …

18 May 2021

How we saved a celebrity couple nearly $30,000 on their duplex project

Swimming pools are an iconic staple to a quintessential Australian home. Pools designed for leisure are seen as …

18 May 2021

Three Things You Can Do With Your Pool During Winter

With winter being just around the block, preparing for this season is something every Australian must do. Most …

9 Apr 2021

Five Tips to Stay Fit In Your Backyard

Australians have always loved the great outdoors and why wouldn’t we with our blessed sunny and warm climate. Backyard barbeques, …

9 Apr 2021

Four Amazing Pool Theme Ideas For Your Home

It is always a good day to go out and enjoy the warm climate of Australia. With a …

31 Mar 2021

How a pool can increase your property value by up to $200,000

A swimming pool has been an iconic staple of a quintessential Australian household. 

According to the 2018 …

26 Feb 2021

How our Vacant Block Package can save you $15,000

Are you in the process of building your home and considering installing a pool?

This is how our Vacant Block Package …

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