Pool Journal

24 Mar 2022

Want A Hotel-Like Experience At Home? Let These 3 Luxury Hotel Pools Around The World Inspire Your Pool Design

There’s something about luxury hotels that makes anyone want to stay and linger for as long as they …

24 Mar 2022

How To Choose A Pool According To Your Personality

The perfect outdoor space calls for relaxing and entertaining elements, one of which is a swimming pool. If you’ve already …

11 Mar 2022

Pool first, house second: Why you should get your pool shell in before the house build begins

So you’re planning a new house or duplex? Going to lose good access to …

11 Mar 2022

5 things to plan before building a pool

Permits, compliance, site costs, concrete vs fibreglass, biased opinions … There are things some …

10 Mar 2022

The home upgrade that will save you money every school holidays

Aussies love beaches, pools, sunshine and resorts. It’s what we look for in a …

10 Mar 2022

How to buy your dream pool online, without a salesperson

This is the easiest way to order and build your dream pool – and …

10 Mar 2022

How to build a pool without spending a dollar

Forget the misconception that you need a huge chunk of change in your bank …

24 Feb 2022

Why Does Rain Cause Construction Delays?

Rain, rain, go away, don’t come on construction day!

Dry, hard ground is simply non-negotiable so tradesmen can work safely and …

24 Feb 2022

10 Insta-Famous Pools That Could Be Yours!

Seen a pool on the socials that you’d love to replicate at home? Well, …

31 Dec 2021

How our CEO Made It to the Top 100 Women in 2021 and The State of Women in the Construction Industry

Innovative and ever-evolving. Focused and ruthless with perfection. This is our boss lady CEO Remonda Martinez.

With all these traits backed …

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