5 Key Benefits of Swimming

August 7, 2020

Swimming is known to be one of the best forms of exercise, and with a swimming pool installed, you can do it from your very own home. It is special because of the low resistance and low impact the water provides, as well as the urge to practice breathing. This is both great for your heart and circulation, as well as for balancing your mind. It may even prove to be a great chance for you to get in some “me time” while also knowing you’re getting your exercise in. Enjoying doing so, as well as the luxury of lapping up the pool. Here are the advantages of swimming in detail:


Low Resistance

In a way, you may feel as if you weigh less while submerged in water. Of course you don’t really, but the water does lighten your load; the load of your own body weight. Have you ever lifted someone up while in the water whom you otherwise could not have done? Well the same goes for lifting yourself; or your legs or arms. The low resistance gives you a chance to get more range of motion happening throughout your whole body, without utilizing as much muscle strength as it would normally take to do so. In this way, your body also can stretch more whilst swimming; and stretching is also excellent addition to any exercise routine.


Muscle Strength

One of the most excellent benefits of swimming is that it can strengthen your muscles without putting strains on your bones and joints. That’s why it can be considered what health experts call “low impact” and has a clear superior advantage over most other sports and exercise forms. It is particularly good for the elderly, or people with fatigue, or anyone who may need to take extra care of their joint health.


Cardiovascular Health

Although swimming does not stress the bones and joints as something like running might, it is just as good, if not better as a form of cardio. It is a full-body workout, engaging legs, arms and core, moving in continuous stroking movements. And cardio is also about breathing, of course. Breathing is so very integral to swimming as an exercise, it is built into the practice and training techniques even. Because of the component of water, the attention is pointed towards breathing into the water, or holding the breath while under it.


Mental Health

Not only does such breathwork help your circulation and respiratory system; it also pumps oxygen to your brain where it can think more clearly. Some people make a poignant effort to attend to their breathing with practices like yoga and meditation. Training yourself to breathe deeply and fully, especially through exertion, is extremely healthy psychologically. Again, swimming has such breathwork practices built into it as an exercise form; it’s impossible not to think of how you’re breathing while swimming.

Swimming is apparently super healthy for your body and even for your mind! But don’t forget, it can also be a social activity. You may even have a group of buddies who enjoy swimming laps together or learning swimming tricks. You can play water polo or water volleyball in a group or play mermaids with your children! Practicing swimming comes in handy in all of these situations.

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