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October 18, 2023

There’s a spark of anticipation in the air. Everyone’s holding their breath, waiting to find out: Which pools will be crowned the top three of 2023? The moment has finally arrived. We’re about to dive into Australia’s most captivating, most luxurious, and, without a doubt, the sexiest pools of the year.

A Celebrated Affair: Blue Haven’s Second Annual Pool Awards

Saturday, September 16, 2023, was not just another day on the calendar. It marked the second year of our illustrious Pool of the Year competition. An event celebrating the dreams of our clients and the collaboration with Blue Haven in making these dreams a tangible, splashy reality.

You’ve seen pools, but honey, you haven’t experienced pools until you’ve feasted your eyes on the pièce de résistance of 2023! Welcome to Australia’s red-carpet event for backyard beauties. Let’s set the scene: crystal-clear water, high-end designs, and oh-so-sultry vibes. Ready to dive deep into the luxurious world of the pools that made the biggest splash this year?

Glorious Gold: The Wilson Family’s Riverside Retreat

Blue Haven awards photos

Nestled right opposite the picturesque river at Picnic Point, the Wilson Family’s oasis stands as a testament to elegance and familial warmth. And talk about charm! Their trio of young lads, who utterly charmed us at the awards, are set for endless aquatic adventures. This pool isn’t just a body of water; it’s an ever-evolving tale of love, laughter, and many, many splashes. An entertainment pad par excellence, this golden winner promises countless memories for a beautiful family.

Stunning Silver: Merhi Family’s Entertainer’s Paradise

Stunning Silver Merhi Family Entertainer Paradise

Behold the showstopper! The Merhi Family brings Catherine Fields a glittering gem that merges seamlessly with their classy abode. But wait, there’s more! Ever seen a pool with its own hidden waterfall curtain cascading from a pavilion rooftop? Just wow! A spa for those relaxation sessions, a waterfall for the drama, and a pool to cool off – it’s like they’ve penned a love letter to luxury.

Brilliant Bronze: The Steele Family Legacy

Brilliant Bronze The Steele Family Legacy

When pools run in your blood, you get masterpieces like the Steele Family’s dazzling creation. The Bronze glory didn’t just stop at its stunning design; there’s history here! Imagine our thrill learning that Laura’s mum also had her pool dreams realised with Blue Haven. And now, they’re gearing up for their third! In their words: “From the day we completed our pool with Blue Haven, our lives transformed. Outdoor dinners, sunset views, and our beautiful pool as the backdrop, it’s been a whirlwind of memorable nights with loved ones.”

An Evening of Elegance at Paradise Pizza and Pool Club

An Evening of Elegance at Paradise Pizza and Pool Club

Held at the majestic and our very own ultimate lifestyle destination, the Paradise Pizza and Pool Club within the Blue Haven Flagship Showroom, the evening was an enchanting affair. Guests walked into a world of grandeur, with the scent of freshly baked artisanal pizzas wafting in the air, complemented by an array of decadent pastries and heavenly desserts.

Blue haven party desserts

But it wasn’t just about tantalising the taste buds. The venue came alive with the mesmerising glow of fire dancers and echoed with the soulful tunes of live music performances. All this, against the backdrop of Blue Haven’s world-class showroom pools, makes it an evening to remember.

Gratitude and Glitter


We were honoured to be graced by many of our esteemed clients. Among them, the Duck family from Razorback shared their sentiments: “Thank you so much for having us on Saturday night and for choosing our pool to be a finalist in your Pool of the Year Awards. We love our pool area and were so proud to see our pool showcased on the night. We had a fabulous time! You guys put on an amazing event and we thank you for welcoming us and for your generous hospitality. The entertainment, food and yummy mocktails were so good. Thank you again for a great


Every year, we’re left in awe. Awe of the visions, the transformations, and the sheer magic our families bring into their homes. From the show-stopping designs to the heartwarming stories behind them, it’s a journey we cherish. Here’s to every pool owner who turned their backyard into an oasis, every guest who graced our event, and every reader diving into these tales. Cheers to the dreams, the splashes, and the unending pool love.

Until Next Time

BHP Cafe

Our heart swells with gratitude for everyone who participated, and those who made it to the event, embellishing the evening with their presence. Every pool, every project, tells a story, and we’re thrilled to be part of yours. Can’t wait to see what incredible designs 2024 will bring. You can also read more about Important Insider Tips on Pool Design to know how to create your very own modern, low-maintenance, and automated oasis – for when you decide to join next year.

Hope to see your entries by then!

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