How we assisted a family of six in turning their vacation expenses into backyard delights

September 27, 2023

Barbecues, pool parties, sunbaking, drinks, oh, and saving a fortune on travel costs *happy dance*.

Sonia and Paul Cheing, parents to four children, wanted to bring holiday living to their home, so they installed a pool and it has literally changed their lives.

“I’ve said to them, ‘Why do we need to go anywhere?’,” Paul says. “We usually go to resorts where they’ve got a pool and we just sit by the pool. Now, we’ve created that lifestyle here for ourselves!”

The Cheing family always dreamt of having a pool in their own backyard and when they bought their home in Sydney’s Padstow Heights, the large backyard was the perfect place to make the dream a reality.

“We researched a lot of pool companies and then decided on Blue Haven,” Paul says.

Sonia added: “We met the lovely Remonda (Blue Haven Managing Director) and we were like,

‘Yes, sold!”

Choosing a pool builder is a big deal—it’s a decision that will shape your home, your daily life, and your finances. You need a partner who not only meets your expectations but also knows how to handle the bumps along the way. Make sure you’re putting your trust in someone who’s up to the task. From understanding local pool-building regulations to the nitty-gritty of pool design, it all boils down to having the right pool builder with you.

Six Transform Holiday Bills Into Backyard Thrills

The stunning pool has transformed their home and their lifestyle, providing them with 24/7 holiday living and becoming the go-to destination for gatherings with family and friends, as well as events such as birthday parties.

Oooof, we can picture all the fun.

“It has become the party house, the place to be,” Sonia says. “Christmas Day really set it off. Everyone was here, we even had relatives from overseas and they were just amazed by the size of the pool, the colour of it, everything.

“Birthday parties, big events, our friends now say, ‘If we’ve got an event coming up, let’s have drinks at your place by the pool beforehand.’ So it’s a real place to bring everyone together and bring the joy.

“Even on a Saturday, when it’s unexpectedly hot, we come down, have a barbecue and just bring all the kids down, have a drink and lounge around by the pool all day. “The kids’ friends want to come over as well.”

Blue Haven guided Sonia and Paul through the entire process from concept to design to build, and the entire family couldn’t be happier with the result.

Expensive holidays and sand *shudder* are now a distant memory.

“Our experience purchasing our pool from Blue Haven was really a great experience,” Paul says. “They came and took us through the whole process, made sure we were very comfortable with what we were getting and really delivered on more than what we expected.”

“I set a deadline for them to have it delivered before my daughter’s birthday and they met that deadline, which has made my wife and I, and especially my daughter, very, very happy.”

Sonia added: “It’s way better than what we thought it would be and what we had imagined.”

Want to know more about how a Blue Haven pool has turned another satisfied customer’s dreams into a reality? Read Giselle’s pool story here. Ready to navigate the journey of building your own pool? Our experts are with you every step of the way, making sure you’re in the know and thrilled about your decision. Why wait? Make a splash in your own pool—dive in with us today!

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