Kid-Friendly Poolside Munchies: Snack Ideas for Little Swimmers

April 19, 2024

From a young age, most children learn to love the water. This can lead to a childhood of amazing memories by the pool or at the beach. Backyard pool owners can give their children (and probably some neighbourhood friends) a great opportunity to enjoy summer by the pool. But with so many keen little swimmers around, providing the right types of food is important.

In this guide, we’ll give you a range of things to consider when preparing meals for your hungry swimmers and some ideas you can try. Let’s dive into a summer of well-fed fun in the sun.


Things to consider when preparing poolside food

Whenever children are concerned, nutrition is important. We’re bombarded with sugary treats these days, but kids need something a little better in order to enjoy a day of poolside fun. However, nutrition isn’t the only concern when you’re planning a menu of delicious poolside munchies.



Ensuring that children maintain optimal nutrition while expending energy in the pool is essential. It’s advisable to steer clear of excessively sugary snacks, as they can contribute to dehydration. Providing an ample supply of water is crucial, and opting for nutritious foods is recommended. While occasional treats are acceptable, it’s wise to moderate sugar intake to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.



Ensuring the safety of the pool area is paramount. To prevent spills and potential hazards, it’s advisable to designate a separate space for snacks slightly away from the poolside. Opting for snacks that are less prone to causing mess, such as those without excessive sauce or crunchy elements that leave crumbs, can help maintain a tidy and safe pool environment.



Safety around the pool is a top priority when engaging in recreational activities. Using cutlery is generally not recommended by the poolside, so opting for foods that require minimal handling is ideal. Choosing disposable plates and cups can enhance convenience. It’s advisable to avoid complex or challenging-to-eat foods to ensure a hassle-free and safe poolside experience for everyone.


Plan eating times

Most importantly, plan the times that you’ll let the children have some snacks. Light snacks are usually fine, but children should usually wait at least an hour after eating before getting back in the pool. We all know how difficult it can be to hold them back, but try to provide different entertainment options for a period after eating.


Poolside snack ideas

With these guides in mind, you’re ready to start preparing some great poolside munchies for the kids. Here are some ideas to get you started, but all of these snacks can be customised to suit your preferences.


Chopped fruit

This summer classic never ceases to impress the kids at a party. So, if you’ve got a whole host of neighbourhood friends or just the family, a big plate of fruit is always a winner. Like most of these snack ideas, you can vary them to suit your own preferences. There’s no right or wrong way to do a fruit platter. Simply chop your children’s favourite fruit and arrange them however you like.

There’s no limit, so let your imagination run wild. If you want to make it fun for smaller kids, chop the fruit into interesting shapes. Just ensure you bring the fresh fruit out as a snack and refrigerate it afterwards. Fruit spoils quickly if left out in the heat, so it should be eaten quickly rather than grazed on.


Homemade fruit ice blocks

Have you ever made homemade ice blocks using cordial or some other type of household drink? They’re a lot of fun, and the kids even love making them for themselves. You need some popsicle moulds, but these can be purchased fairly inexpensively from places like Kmart or the supermarket. You only need to pour your chosen liquid into the mould and wait for it to freeze.

So, instead of sugary cordial, why not try something more fruity? You should first make a fruit smoothie with your chosen ingredients for the healthiest option. Pour the smoothie into the mould, and you’ve got fresh fruit icy poles. As a faster alternative, you can pour any type of fruit juice into the mould instead.


A selection of sandwiches

Sandwiches are always popular because you can prepare a nice selection of different fillings. Simply make sandwiches with your chosen filling, cut them into four small triangles, and serve on a plate. The kids can come and grab a small sandwich of their choice whenever they’re hungry.

The only consideration with sandwiches is the fact that bread is heavy, so children need to be even more diligent about not swimming straight after food. So, ensure you monitor the kids closely, and if you choose sandwiches, use a mixture of white and wholemeal bread to appeal to everybody.



You can’t go wrong with wraps, and it’s another snack idea that gives you total control. Small wraps are a great alternative to sandwiches because they’re less ‘heavy’ than bread. Plus, you can fill the wrap with whatever ingredients you like! You could encourage the kids to make their own wraps by supplying the ingredients, but this can get very messy, so you should ensure this doesn’t occur right near the pool.


BBQ kebabs

If your backyard pool is anywhere near an outdoor kitchen or BBQ, you’re in for a good summer! BBQs and fun in the pool go hand in hand, and there are plenty of BBQ treats for the kids to enjoy. However, if the standard sausage in bread or meat pattie isn’t their thing, how about trying some kebabs?

The great thing about kebabs is you can get a real mixture of flavours to please even the fussiest kids. Chicken, pork, beef – the options are endless. You can even cook up some vegetarian kebabs if people prefer that. They’re also easy to clean up – just make sure the sticks stay away from the pool.


Frog in a pond

It’s a classic treat that’s been around for generations, but it’s always a popular party food. And if it works as party food, it generally works as a poolside snack. Making a frog in a pond is simple, you just need to prepare them the night before. For those who haven’t enjoyed a frog in a pond, it’s basically just a chocolate frog set in jelly.

They’re so easy to make, too. Grab some plastic cups and fill them with your preferred jelly mix. Make as much jelly as you need, this is a bit of trial and error, but it’s super fast to make your jelly. There are two ways you can go next. You can set your chocolate frog in the jelly mix, but bear in mind that it will sink.

Wait until your jelly is partially set before putting the frog in for the traditional look with only a half-submerged chocolate frog. Wait for it all to set, and you’re done!


Banana and Nutella scrolls

This is another one that requires a little kitchen know-how, but not too much. These little snacks are delicious and nutritious, nice and small, and shouldn’t be too messy. You can make all types of variations on this idea, but the recipe is pretty simple.

Cut your banana into circular slices. Take a standard wrap or tortilla and spread Nutella over one side. You can vary this and use something else, but Nutella and banana are always a great combo. Cut the tortilla into thin strips and wrap them around your individual banana slices. They end up looking like little sushi rolls, and the kids love them!


Chewy fruit rolls

These aren’t even homemade specials because you can buy a huge range of similar products at your local supermarket. From traditional fruit roll-ups to the modern range of fruity lunchbox treats, you can choose plenty of items to keep the kids well-fed. Remember, some of these fruit bars are quite chewy, so they’re a great way to keep the kids out of the pool and sun for a little while.

Why not take a stroll down the kid’s lunchbox aisle of your local supermarket and see what’s on offer? Just because some of these treats are homemade, you don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to keep the kids well-fed. And although many of these lunchbox treats contain sugar, there are also extra-healthy options. The choice is all yours.


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