Discover The Ultimate Lifestyle Destination: Immerse Yourself in the Blue Haven Experience

July 10, 2023

As the day-to-day hustle wears you down, wouldn’t it be amazing to find a space that pampers you, offers a peaceful retreat, delights your taste buds, and also takes care of those last-minute grooming needs? What if we told you this place exists and it’s right in the heart of Lansvale? 


Tucked away in the heart of Lansvale, the Blue Haven Lansvale Flagship Showroom, or what we like to call our Award-Winning Display Centre & Events Space, awaits. Now open from 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM, six days a week at 68 Hume Highway Lansvale NSW 2166, this all-in-one lifestyle destination is a retreat that brings joy, peace, and a bit of pampering to your everyday life.


No, we’re not just about beautiful pools and state-of-the-art spas, though those are certainly a big part of what makes us special. We’re an immersive lifestyle experience that caters to every aspect of your day. From starting the morning with a scrumptious breakfast overlooking our showcase pools to a revitalising mid-day workout in our private gym, Blue Haven is a haven for those who value time and quality in equal measures.

Food, Glorious Food

Food, Glorious Food

And then there’s the food. Our café isn’t your ordinary poolside eatery. It’s a culinary journey. How about some Chilli Scrambled Eggs that send your taste buds on a spice adventure, or an Avocado Smash that’s a riot of colour and flavour? Maybe the juiciness of a Tender Steak Baguette for lunch or a plate of Chilli Prawn Pasta that’s a perfect blend of spice and comfort. And don’t even get us started on our Continental Breakfast Banquet, an extravagant spread that makes any morning feel like a celebration.


Delicious Deliveries: Our Catering Services


Our dedication to bringing you a world-class culinary experience doesn’t stop within the confines of our Lansvale showroom. Should you find yourself planning a gathering or simply wanting to enjoy our flavours in the comfort of your own home, we’ve got you covered. Blue Haven’s catering service delivers our delightful dishes right to your doorstep. 


Whether it’s a corporate lunch for your team, a family gathering, or a fun-filled party, our food promises to be the highlight of your event. We even offer free delivery in the local area, making it that much easier for you to enjoy the Blue Haven culinary experience wherever you are. We believe that great food should be an integral part of life’s every moment, and with our catering services, we ensure it is.


Health, Fitness and Beauty


We believe in nourishing not just your stomach, but your body and soul as well. That’s why we offer a range of wellness facilities. Our monthly membership grants you exclusive access to a private weights and cardio gym, fresh juice detox packages, and protein meals and shakes. We’ve taken the ‘lunch break workout’ to a new level. And if you’re looking for some pampering, our on-site waxing, nail, hair, and barbershop services are just a call away.


Space for Hire 

Pool design - Space for Hire a

Have a corporate team lunch coming up? Our doors are wide open for groups of up to 50. Or perhaps you’re looking for a unique venue for your next Instagram photoshoot, complete with model-worthy backdrops? Look no further. 


Rewards and Experiences


We love to give back to our customers. So, next time you’re here, give us your business card and you might just win lunch for ten at our spectacular Poolside Pizza Pavilion. Imagine the sparkling water, the warm sun, and mouthwatering pizza…a perfect afternoon, wouldn’t you say?


The Blue Haven Pools & Spas experience isn’t something you can put into words, it’s something you need to feel. It’s the embodiment of our journey, a collection of our most epic milestones so far that have shaped who we are today. From our humble beginnings to becoming a beacon in the pool and spa industry, each milestone is an integral part of this immersive experience.


Our showroom isn’t merely a display of products, it’s a destination. A culmination of years of innovation, hard work, and dedication, capturing the essence of our defining moments. As you traverse through, each corner unfurls a chapter of our storied history.


Being part of the Blue Haven community is more than just a membership, it’s a testament to the value of quality, elegance, and exclusivity. It’s your own personal haven in the midst of the bustling city, a physical manifestation of our shared success.


We’re not just saying it’s great; we’re inviting you to discover it for yourself. Welcome to the evolution of Blue Haven Pools & Spas. Welcome to our milestone-laden journey.


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W: www.bluehaven.com.au

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