Journey of building an award-winning display center and events space

November 17, 2022

As Sydney’s most innovative pool builder, we’re always on the lookout for ways that will lead us to reinvent so many aspects of the pool business. We wouldn’t be the first pool builder in the world to offer the opportunity to order your pool online for nothing, right? 

And so, it was obvious what our next steps should be – and that is to continue doing what we do best. INNOVATING.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-house Construction Team team alongside young and passionate apprentices took on a massive mission to renovate our flagship showroom and head office in Lansvale which was originally designed in 1998. Spearheaded by our hands-on General Manager, Mr Richie Hamawi, they transformed the 10,000-sqm complex into a pioneering display centre and events space that offers endless possibilities with a world-class collection of designer concrete pools and thriving options for retail, fashion, entertainment, and dining in one dynamic location.

A visionary in the industry, our boss lady CEO Remonda already saw a few years ago that businesses will endeavour to elevate the showroom experience with the rise of e-commerce and social media marketing.

innovative pool builder

Stunning pools at every turn

Our Lansvale Centre for Excellence is the brainchild of our powerhouse leaders Richie and Remonda with the goal to truly immerse our customers and guests in the ultimate lifestyle experience with state-of-the-art pools, gymnasium, and boutique retail alongside a cafe, pizzeria, and rooftop sunset bar with indoor and alfresco options.

Stunning pools at every turnStunning swimming pools

Richie drew from his extensive career in high-rise construction and residential developments whilst Remonda’s design prowess remains at the forefront. In fact, Remonda made sure to add her own personal touch, which customers can specifically see in our stunning Hollywood plunge pool that features bold Femme Fatale artwork. There’s also a fitness plunge pool that’s oozing with Moroccan vibes and styling. The existing pools remained but new surrounding walkways along with some new pool concepts were founded on top of waffle pods. The waffle pods helped to elevate the site for it to take shape into a luxurious modern wet water wonderland.

For the Volcano pool with slide, we highlighted handcrafted black rock and black glass bead and oxide interior complete with a sandy immersed wet deck that resembles timber but is created from porcelain and is home to ledge loungers immersed in the water – Cocktails anyone?

And then there’s the Volcano Pool, where you can climb through a fun circle in the lavish white-rendered curved dividing wall – and it’s not just fun for the kids! Once you’re through the wall, you’re into a new experience landing on top of a sunken island bar in the middle of a new pool.

Valcano Swimming pool

Valcano Pool Design

And didn’t we just say you’ll find stunning pools at every turn? Cue in the Pool Side Pavilion, the lap pool with fully tiled bar stools and lavish wet ledge and shooting water spouts. We don’t know who is having more fun – the kids or the adults? We’re guessing uhhmm – both?

Another feature you shouldn’t miss is our fully-tiled black circle spa with a glass window panel and an adjoining sunken lounge with ceiling rafters and loose draperies. We know what you’re thinking. Amaaaazing, isn’t it?

fully-tiled black circle spa

If you’re looking for a new place to set up business or want to further your career, the time is now, you may reach out to the team, as the Lifestyle Centre offers sublease and employment opportunities in various areas you can see below. Simply email sales@bluehaven.com.au to enquire.

Hair & Beauty

Barber Shop

Gym suitable for small private training

Café, kiosk and juice bar

Restaurant, Events and Poolside Dining

Swimwear & Fashion boutique

And if you’re looking for the ideal space for your next celebration, event, or campaign, you know what to do. Just email concierge@bluehaven.com.au or call 0480368884 to book your space.

pool side space for next celebration

Blue Haven vision explained

You may ask, “What made us have the vision to do such a large capital upgrade during a time when there’s uncertainty?”

And the answer is simple!

Our vision is to create a new concept store where families and pool shoppers could travel from all over the state not only to witness a visual masterpiece but also to immerse themselves in a sensory experience. Picture a wet water haven that combines shopping, dining, and poolside dining, changing the way you buy pools forever. It’s

also where you can visit the fashion boutique for Remonda’s new label swimwear and resort wear, shop for homewares, pots and plants and, of course, try the pools before you buy!

And now, the space isn’t just where you can buy pools – it is also an ideal space for your next event. No more guesswork in location scouting for your celebration or campaign because everything is here to transform your vision to life and create moments.

“We want to help transform as many homes as possible for families to enjoy their safe havens together without any pressures of travelling outside of their own home to have fun, keep fit, improve their lifestyle and enjoy their home investment and we’d like to experience that first-hand before buying,” our ever-relentless CEO Remonda said.

Adding more to the pride and joy of the Blue Haven team are the multiple local and national SPASA 2022 awards for the Display Pool Centre category that clearly recognise the innovation and vision of the Lansvale showroom.

True enough, the Lansvale Centre of Excellence is more than just a pool centre – it’s an innovation that’s beyond its time that will allow customers to experience relaxation, comfort, convenience, and fitness in one ultimate location.

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