Remonda – CEO of Blue Haven Pools tells us what’s trending in the world of pools!

September 24, 2019

What is trending in pool builds / designs? 

As backyards get smaller we tend to seek out options to suit which is why plunge pools have grown in sales by 200% in the last few years. Plunge pools are twice the luxury as you can spend more on luxury finishes and heating and still have a nice grassed / landscaped ratio. With the additional of upturn walls creating a feature piece with a sheer decent waterfall blade you still get all the movement and sound of running water. Most plunge pools these days are custom designed to suit any kind of yard shape and are also fitted with powerful swim jets so you get all the benefits of swimming laps without taking up too much space.

On the other side of pool trends is the larger pools which we are seeing more of on acreage and larger blocks. Larger pools tend to integrate an internal concrete spa which can be heated easily and used all year. While larger pools are a statement they can be costly to heat which is why we’ve seen an emerging trend of adding a spa for all year heating.


Where do your pool designers get their inspiration from?

At blue haven we never stop evolving. There’s so much around to inspire us. One thing our designers realise is we are more time poor now than ever before and although we want an easy way to buy we also seek custom designs and a tailored concept.


What type of pool accessories are trending?  Bars in the pool, chairs, water features, lighting etc. 

Straight lined pools are in. They are crisp in water colour leaning more towards a Hawaiian blue than a darker blue. Darker blues comes across as synthetic and harsh in the current architectural environment which is why white based pebbles and glass beaded textures are giving just the right amount of earth and architectural blend.


What is the biggest residential pool blue haven has ever built? 

There’s really no limit here. Private pools are either humble and simple or outrageous! We are mid construction right now of a 16m x 5m pool with a wet edge tank, swim up bar, 2m high manmade rock retaining wall complete with pool caves and slide, 60 sqm adjoining alfresco area and is complete with every designer finish possible from waterline tiling, underwater lighting, enviro smart mineral system, heating, marble bar top, luxury glass bead interior lining and an automated pool control system that’s completely accessible from your mobile phone. The project is worth over $400,000 and build by hand by our very own team. Most of the team are our family and we have lots of craftsman who are coming through now in their teens or early twenties who are born into the industry taking over their trade from their fathers.

It’s funny to see because their dads used to work for my dad when he ran blue haven pools.
Now we are all second generation and sticking together in the same industry and following on from our fathers.
It’s such a great environment.


Are plunge pools trending? 

Re-inforced concrete plunge pools are finally here meaning you can start swimming tomorrow.
Ready to swim plunge pools are certainly in trend right now and priced from $19,990 ready for delivery and installation.  Our plunge pools can be installed in ground or aboveground or semi in ground making them the perfect solution for limited access and sloping blocks.


What are mineral pools and are they a growing trend? 

Imagine swimming in your own mineral water at home. Water that’s fresh., clean, healthy and infused with magnesium and potassium. Our mineral pool is certainly not a trend and is here to stay. Combined with the added environmental benefits.

Why should people pay attention to trends? (Property value, technology etc)
As a collective most people want the same things. This is why trends are so important because they bring everyone’s voice together and address the issues and desires at hand.

A pool that cleans itself
A pool that integrates well with landscaping
A pool that suits the property and fits in well


Why is it important as a company to stay ahead of the curve and know what’s trending? 

Fresh ideas and construction methods are so important so our customers can get the best of modern trends without the price tag.
At blue haven pools we really focus on innovation and custom designs but are also really conscious that  no one wants to overspend which is why we stay ahead of trends and introduce them at the right time for the right price.
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