5 Swimming Pool Trends to Watch

April 13, 2018

If the time has finally come to install a pool in your yard, make the most out of your new oasis by checking out the top trends of the year so far in swimming pool design. New design ideas and technologies will have you enjoying an afternoon swim or entertaining friends around the pool in no time.

As with any trend in the home or garden design, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be happy with your pool design for many years to come. Consider the current trends and their benefits, but don’t make your final decision just because a design is trendy this year. You’ll want to consider your home’s existing style and make sure that the pool design reflects that character.

1. Connecting pool and home

In the past there has typically been a distinct separation between the pool and the home—the pool was typically placed as far away from the home as the garden space would allow. Now we’re beginning to see more of an integration between the pool and indoor spaces, whether it’s a pool house, cabana, or the home itself.

This connection between the home and the pool can be achieved by placing glass sliding doors out into the pool area so that the pool is very visible from inside the house and vice versa. Landscaping can also help to create a seamless integration of the house and the pool.


2. Monochrome

While variegated tiles are never a bad choice when it comes to tiles, all-white or all-blue pool interiors can lend a clean, crisp look to more contemporary homes. As mentioned before, you’ll want the style of your pool to reflect the style of your home, so if your home is full of neat lines and neutral colours, it makes sense for the pool to follow suit.

Another way to incorporate the monochrome trend into your pool surrounds would be to go with a black-coated fence or black spigots rather than stainless steel, mirroring the current trend of using black tapware and hardware around the home.

3. Smart pools

The latest automation features available for pools include cleaning systems, temperature control, lighting, and even audio.  Falling in line with many electronics in the home, these pool features can be integrated into a “smart home” system that can be controlled through a smartphone application.

What could be better than having your pool clean, heated to just the right temperature, and playing your favourite song just as you arrive home from a long day at work? Pure bliss.

4. Looking Up

Rooftop pools are not just for the guests of luxury hotels anymore. Traditionally the only place most people would consider suitable for a pool would be in the corner of the garden. Not so anymore. We’re starting to see more and more homes built to accommodate a pool above the garage or up on the roof of the house.

Due to structural specifications, a swimming pool builder will typically need to work alongside the home builder, so generally, it’s not an option for those whose home is already constructed.

5. Infinity

Speaking of pool styles that are no longer reserved for luxury hotel guests, the infinity pool style continues to grow in popularity among homeowners. Even if the view beyond your infinity edge is your house or garden, no one can deny the relaxation of water constantly flowing over the edge of your swimming pool oasis.

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