More Tradies are Choosing to Side with Blue Haven

April 13, 2018



Aussie tradesmen are in many ways the backbone of our country. They work hard and do quality work to build and maintain amenities for us to enjoy. Being a tradesman is hard work with long hours and, on top of that, there is all the added stress of running a business and winning new contracts. That’s why many hardworking tradies are switching to Blue Haven. Working with a company like Blue Haven lightens the load on Aussie tradies and guarantees a regular paycheck each week. Chasing up money from clients is a tedious, time-consuming chore that most tradies dread. That’s why more tradies are teaming up with a company like Blue Haven who takes care of that side of the business.

Blue Haven is a trusted family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 45 years, supplying Aussie homes with pools, rock features and slides.

Why Are Tradies Siding With Blue Haven?

Well, the answer is simple. At Blue Haven, we value our tradies and care about their well-being. We provide a continuous stream of work, so you won’t have to waste time chasing up work when you could be on the job making money to support your family. Blue Haven works closely with our tradies to ensure they have the volume of work to suit their needs and the work varies with no job site the same, so you will never be bored. We offer full support and assistance to all our tradies to ensure they and our clients are 100% happy, which in turn means more work for them. We pride ourselves on career development and offer training and support so that we can grow as a company together.

We are not just a pool company we offer a wealth of other services including and landscaping, fencing, heating, outhouses, outdoor kitchens, 3D Landscaping, slides, rockery waterfalls, poolside events and much, much more. So, we are always on the lookout for skilled tradesman across different fields to join the Blue Haven team.

Working as a contractor is often a hectic balance between being a builder for example and running a business, and this sometimes doesn’t leave much quality time with family. Here at Blue Haven, we take care of the business side, so you can focus on what you do best. When you join Blue Haven, you immediately become part of the team, part of the family and are treated as such.

Blue Haven cares about your welfare and are number 1 in safe work methods, so at the end the day, you get home safe and sound, and in one piece at the end of the day.

So if you’re sick of the hassle of working for yourself and want more free time to spend, fishing or spending quality time with your family, Blue Haven has got you covered. Let us take care of the business side of things, so you don’t have to. Join the Blue Haven family, so you have more time to spend with yours. If you’re looking to join a wonderful, successful team, then send your resume to Remonda.m@bluehaven.com.au or give her a call today on 9728 0444.

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