Blue Haven Pools’ Remarkable Transformation of a 1918 Federation Home in Haberfield

October 18, 2023

Life for the Squadrito family can be broken down into two eras – PP and PPL. That’s Pre-Pool and Post-Pool Life.

Mum Bernadette dreamt of having a pool for more than 15 years and after finally taking the plunge (yeah, we went there!), she and her husband Dominic say it has completely changed their lives, bringing the family closer together.

The Squadritos have two adult children – Lauren, 22, and Joseph, 26, both of whom live out of home – and have lived in their stunning 1918 Federation house in Haberfield for over 25 years.

For 24 of those years, they didn’t have a pool. Instead, they had a *cough* boring *cough* standard, barely-used backyard.

Once they finally decided to make that dream a reality, it completely changed their lifestyle, their relationship with each other, their children and their home. Needless to say, they dominated their pool purchase and well, they are now very proud of it.

“We spend a lot more time in the backyard and around the pool now, especially because it’s heated. It’s fantastic. It really extends the time that we’re in the water,” Dominic says.

Lauren and Joseph also come home far more than they used to PP (Pre-Pool) – and even bring their mates.

“That was very important to us, having the kids bring their friends and their loved ones to interact with us with their lifestyle … and have them around,” Bernadette says. And guess what happens next? An instant epic pool party at home!

“My son will, in the afternoon, say, ‘Is anyone at home to put the heater on, because I’m down for a swim?’

“It makes me feel so happy. Just seeing them splashing about, having a good time and just being able to go out there and even join them for a drink. We’re family but they’re also like my closest friends.”

Bernadette knew exactly what she wanted her pool to look like (after all, she’d been dreaming about it for 15 years!) and Blue Haven was able to come to the *pool* party and bring her vision to life – all the while ensuring all aspects suited their space.

“I drew my idea with the stair on the left side and I’ve always had this vision with the glass wall and with the beautiful orange blossom at the back,” Bernadette says.

the beautiful orange blossom at the back

“(The process) was all very straightforward.”

Dominic says: “All we had to do was look at what sort of tiles we wanted, the surroundings, and

I guess Bernadette picked all the furniture and all the furnishings that we have as well.”

So what took them so long?

“Just the construction, going through the process, council approvals, all of those things were playing on my mind,” Dominic says. “How long is this going to take? How messy is it going to be? But I was quite surprised that it wasn’t like that at all.”

Pool maintenance and had them covered every step of the way

He didn’t need to be worried – Blue Haven had them covered every step of the way.

“From the first discussion right through to the design phase, the approvals, dealing with the council and then getting the certification at the end, it was all managed and handled by Blue Haven,” Dominic says. “We didn’t really have to do anything. We didn’t have to stress about anything at all.”

Squadrito family's quality time spending

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters—quality time with loved ones. The Squadrito family’s journey from a dream to a tangible, shared reality, underscores the profound impact a backyard transformation can have on familial bonds. While a pool can be seen as a luxurious addition, for the Squadritos and many like them, it’s an investment in memories, laughter, and cherished moments that draw families closer. Blue Haven takes immense pride in turning dreams into spaces of connection and joy. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about having a pool; it’s about the stories that unfold around it.

Ready to create your own oasis of memories? Let’s make your pool dream a reality. Connect with Blue Haven today!

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