Top 3 Themes For An Epic Pool Party At Home

August 9, 2022

Without a doubt, a fantastic theme can transform an ordinary pool party into one that is incredibly imaginative, enjoyable, and jaw-dropping (if you’re prepared to get artistic with the décor, of course). One of the most challenging aspects of party planning is initially coming up with the ideal theme, which is why we’ve gathered some of our best advice to help you choose the best theme and create the most amazing pool party at home.

You have two options: stick with a traditional theme or think beyond the box. Here’s a roundup of fabulous pool party themes you can choose from for your next event at home:

Hawaiian Luau To Make Your Guests Go Wow

Hawaiian Luau To Make Your Guests Go Wow


  • It’s easy to incorporate a Hawaiian luau theme into any outdoor gathering, particularly for a daytime occasion that screams summer vibes.
  • Bright hues, substantial live or paper flowers, leis, and grass skirts are just a few simple additions that can be made to the pool area.
  • To create a lively atmosphere, grass skirts can be hung around tables and on fences, and brightly coloured flowers can be arranged virtually anywhere.
  • Wrap fence posts with brown streamers to resemble tropical palm palms if you’re feeling ambitious.
  • Add construction paper-cut green leaves, and then decorate the “trees” with a few brown balloons to represent coconuts. Fresh orchids floating in the water of the pool or the usage of floating candles can add a distinctive touch.


Serve a menu that includes dishes like these to delight your guests:

  • shredded pork
  • grilling of pineapple
  • fresh papaya and mango
  • sweet potatoes
  • coconut cake

Serve margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas to your guests. For kids, you can prepare a variety of fruit punches.


Activities & Games:

  • Include some entertaining luau activities like a limbo competition, a hula contest, hula hoops, and age-appropriate games.
  • Pineapple Bowling: You can play this game by setting up pineapples as pins and attempting to knock them over with a coconut in place of a bowling ball.
  • Pass the Coconut: This is a game similar to Hot Potato. Guests form a circle and pass around a coconut. When the music ends, the person holding the coconut is eliminated.
  • Sand Bucket Toss: Dig ping pong balls out of the sand with a sand shovel, then toss them into a bucket five feet away. The winner is the first person to get their bucket completely filled.
  • Limbo can be played in the pool as reggae music plays in the background to set the mood.


Bring in the Mexican Fiesta Vibe

Bring in the Mexican Fiesta Vibe


  • What’s not to love about this theme? Vibrant and bright colours, spicy tropical flavours, spices and seasonings.
  • A tasty taco bar would be perfect for this occasion for your guests as well. Start a fiesta by getting some upbeat music and a piñata out!
  • Spread blankets and sombreros around the pool area to create an ambience with a Mexican theme.
  • You can put up numerous little tables and adorn them with balloons of various colours and miniature sombreros as party favours.


Serve food in a buffet manner, including

  • Tacos complete with toppings
  • Fajitas
  • Salsa and chips
  • Margaritas
  • Guacamole


Activities & Games

  • Sombrero Dance: If you lose the sombrero in this fiesta game, you have to eat a hot pepper! Chilli peppers, music, fun-loving players, and a sombrero are all needed for the game. As you dance to some upbeat music, pass the sombrero to someone else, who must then pass it to someone else, and so on. Whoever was wearing the sombrero last has to eat a pepper when the music stops!
  • Taco Battle: The game’s rules are simple: one player must attempt to break the taco shell of the other while simultaneously preventing their own from doing the same. You are only permitted to touch the other person’s taco sticks or tacos; you are not permitted to hit, kick, push, or pull them. The taco shell that is still unbroken at the end wins.
  • Mexican Kickball: The kickball must be kicked through an exterior obstacle course in this age-old Mexican village pastime. The winning team is the one whose entire squad finished the course first.


Pro Tip: You can fill your piñata with candy and various pool gimmicks like deflated beach balls, sunglasses, and water cannons. And then play salsa music and let your guests dance the night away.


Flamingling With Flamingos

Flamingling With Flamingos


  • Flamingos are forever a summer fun staple, especially when they’re 5 feet tall.
  • Style a fabulous flamingo-themed pool party by decorating your backyard with flamingo-shaped balloons in vibrant colours.
  • For a girlie birthday, flamingos have the ideal lovely pink pattern. The white contrast and rainbow accents make it even better when you throw in a few unicorns into the mix. Win-win!
  • Place a sizable rattan rug by the pool, set up a party resembling a picnic with soft cushions for guests to sit on, and decorate it with warm summer hues like yellow, pink, and orange. This would surely be a fantabulous idea for a little girl’s birthday party!
  • To create 2-4 distinct lounge and dining places for visitors to enjoy, and collect various chairs, stools, and floor pillows from around the house. This method encourages mingling throughout the event and brings intimacy to otherwise large outdoor venues.



  • Forget using glasses to serve beverages; that was sooo yesterday.
  • Put your drinks inside of pineapples and coconuts to have fun at your upcoming flamingo-themed pool party. These tiny drink carriers are made of plastic and have straw-access holes. However, if you were feeling very inventive, you could go natural and chop up some real pineapples and coconuts.
  • Serve veggies and chips with pink-coloured dips and sauces.
  • You can also think of pink-coloured foods such as smoked salmon, ham-cheese & olive bites, and watermelon to match the flamingo theme.
  • Turn regular popcorn into flamingo popcorn by pouring pink melted chocolate over plain popcorn, then add sprinkles.
  • Using gorgeous flamingo toppers and wrappers, you can quickly make cute flamingo cupcakes. For the ideal flamingo party food, garnish the pink frosting on your cupcakes with broken pieces of pink chocolate.


Activities & Games

  • Everyone has at some point engaged in musical statues and passing the parcel. Play a round of ring toss using plastic flamingo figures instead, if you like.
  • Let the kids make easy straw puppets and put on a flamingo-themed show. It is unique from the typical party activities and tickles their imagination!
  • Why not have a fun photo booth? Your flamingo party will go nicely with pink photo booth accessories and props that your guests can use for a photo op.


And Before You Go, Some Final Tips!

  • Your party will be a blast if there is enough music, food, and company. Make sure you have more games ready, though, in case your pals ever desire a change of pace in order to step up the ante.
  • You can come up with exciting pool activities to keep your guests entertained. Pairing up to play chicken or engage in a water balloon fight is an age-old approach to keep things simple.
  • Children are always the easiest to convince, so add some diving rings or inflatable toys. You can even throw balloons into the water if it’s a birthday celebration!
  • Normal lighting would do the trick, but neon lights shining underwater would make your party look much cooler, especially if you’re having a nighttime celebration. You can also add additional lights to the area surrounding your deck.


Set a day, round up the crew, and get to work preparing!

If you haven’t built your dream pool yet for these epic pool party themes, we’re here to help. Contact our team so we can talk about it.

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