Experience the Best Summer Yet with These 7 Fun and Exciting Pool Activities

December 31, 2021

Unwinding and lounging for hours under the golden Australian sun is synonymous with heaven on earth, don’t you think?

This is now a reality for the Haberfield family with the completion of their new Blue Haven pool just in time for summer!

Take a look at our lovely clients below, all happy and excited whilst holding their poolside photoshoot to celebrate their latest investment. We really couldn’t be happier for them!

Pool parties in Summer

Do you also want to revel in serenity whilst soaking under the warm sunshine?

We’ve gathered our 7 best tips to help you make the most of all the glorious days the sunny season has to offer.

  1. Organise a swim-up movie night. Pool and movie? That’s simply the perfect combination for us! Here are some of our best tips to transform your pool into a bona fide theatre in the water:
    • Invest in a portable projector so you can play any movie you want from your phone or computer.
    • Make sure you have enough floating seats. We suggest using movie-themed floats with shapes like popcorn and pretzels to enhance the overall aesthetic of the party and truly immerse your guests.
    • Of course, the experience won’t be complete without delicious refreshments! We recommend using floating trays and cup holders so guests don’t need to go in and out of the water, avoiding any distractions and disruptions from enjoying the movie and each other’s company to the fullest.
    • Any movie would be great but we think choosing from the thriller or horror genre is simply the best way to go about it 😉
  2. Throw an epic pool party. Pools offer endless possibilities for socialisation with summer offering the best time for social gatherings. Like any party, preparation is key to creating the ultimate summer pool party! Here are our top tips to make sure yours will make everyone go buzzing.
    • You’re not the only one thinking of throwing a party this summer so make sure you get your friends or family’s commitment to attend yours by asking them in advance or if you have lots of time in your hands, why not send out a cute online invitation? Not only will this ensure you stay organised but more importantly, spark everyone’s curiosity and excitement!
    • Pick a great theme to make the party unique and exciting and as much as possible, match your food with it. Whilst there are many themes out there, we all know that Luau and beach themes will never go out of style!
    • Plan lawn games for adults and set up some inflatable or removable water slides for kids
    • Have towels and sunscreen on hand for the convenience of guests
    • For large parties, it’s best to hire a lifeguard for maximum supervision
  3. Read that book you’ve been postponing for months. Summer offers the perfect ambience to devour one book after another and your pool can be the best reading spot with the crystal blue waters and waterfall sounds evoking a calming and soothing effect. For a truly wonderful reading experience in or by the pool, we recommend using accessories like a waterproof book reader, waterproof e-reader protective case, or inflatable pool lounger. Enjoy!
  4. Have meaningful conversations with loved ones over the fire pit. There’s something about fire pits that sets the mood for intimate conversations. It evokes a cozy, warm, and comfortable vibe, creating the quintessential setting to talk about how life’s been lately amongst people that matter to you the most. After throwing that awesome pool party in the day, this is a great spot to gather and communicate, all whilst toasting marshmallows and concocting delicious s’mores.
  5. Spice up your Instagram feed with some underwater or poolside photos. The best location for photoshoots can be at home. With a backyard oasis, there are plenty of opportunities for different Instagram-worthy images, be it your toes dipping in the water or a glorious selfie by the pool’s edge. Pick your artsy brain and get creative with your besties!
  6. Work on your fitness. Did you know that an hour of swimming can help you burn as much as 2987 kilojoules? A backyard sanctuary truly enhances our outdoor lifestyles by redefining the way we celebrate, relax, and exercise. Stay on top of your fitness goals this summer within the comforts of your home by doing any or all of these activities and making them a habit.
  7. Make afternoons wonderful for your kids with fun games in the water. Turn any ordinary sunny day to extraordinary by organising a little competition for your kids. Here are some of the good old games your little splashers will surely enjoy!
    • Squirt Gun Races. This obstacle course basically involves using squirt guns to move the cups across the pool. We can smell the fun and good times already!
    • Pool Noodle Races. Swimming races are thrilling enough for kids, but the novelty of this game will definitely ignite their excitement even more. No one is up for a challenge better than kids after all.
    • Host an Underwater Treasure Hunt. Throw a couple of diving toys into the pool and have a contest to see who can get the most. This classic game will always be a winner for your competitive little ones.

To ensure a blast with your kids, make sure you observe water safety tips and guidelines.

Blue Haven Pools and Spas has led the way in pool design and construction since 1973. With over 70,000 pools built and winning more than 350 industry design awards, Blue Haven is one of Australia’s most prestigious and respected industry leaders.

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