How to Host a Fun Pool Party this Summer

December 5, 2019

Summer is considered the best time for your happiness and health. Apart from people spending more time outdoors being active, the warm days can even enhance your sleep and immune system. An excellent way of enjoying summer and reaping all these benefits is hosting a fun pool party. Here are a few tips for hosting the ultimate summer bash in your pool.

Pick an Exciting Theme

Start your pool party planning by creating an exciting summer backdrop to transport your visitors to paradise. Here, you want to consider something appealing such as adding some colour to your décor.

Surround your pool with vibrant colours such as hues of greens, purples, and pinks. You can use paper lanterns or balloons to help give a feeling of a fun outdoor fiesta. Alternatively, choose a specific theme like a Hawaiian luau inspired party. Then you can add some tropical features such as flowers and bamboo details.

For a more sophisticated and mature look, consider a nautical colour theme. Here, you will need deep reds and blues together with subtle white details, along with touches of sailboats or anchors.


Make Vibrant Cocktails

Refreshing cocktails like margaritas and mojitos help add to the whole fun experience of your pool party. They are also easy to make, and you can also add a few touches to personalise the drinks. For instance, adding fruity hints of mango or watermelon will leave your guests highly impressed.

If the pool party also involves kids, then remember to make fun,  mocktail versions of those poolside punches and cocktails. That way, the kids can also join in on the fun.


Plan a Delicious Menu

There are numerous food options to choose from for your event. Some hot grilled food will perfectly complement your summer pool party. You can go with a casual barbeque and throw some sausages, burgers, and hot dogs on the grill, and you can also include some refreshing dishes such as fresh sushi and salads.

Whatever menu you decide to go with, ensure you remember to ask your visitors before the event whether or not they eat meat and plan accordingly.


Splash Around and Play in the Pool

As the star of the show, the pool will be bursting with activity. On hot summer days, both adults and kids will want to splash around in the water. Throw in a few floating lounges and tubes for your guests as it offers a beautiful place to relax and adds to your pool décor.

Pool volleyball is enjoyable and easy to set up for those who want more active movements. Get all your guests involved by creating a little fun competition while you enjoy the water. For those who are more adventurous or nostalgic, get some affordable water balloons or water guns for a poolside battle. All these fun activities will guarantee that everyone in your party has a pleasant time.


Takeaway Message

There are so many ideas to choose from when you host a summer pool party. Fun pool activities, vibrant party decorations, and delicious grilled food will all make for a memorable event.


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