Four Amazing Pool Theme Ideas For Your Home

April 9, 2021

It is always a good day to go out and enjoy the warm climate of Australia. With a backyard pool, there are so many fun activities you can do with your friends and family.

To level up your game, you can transform your pool and bring different destinations to your backyard. Are you ready to explore your options and get creative?

Here are four fantastic pool theme ideas you can do for your home:

1. Tropical Paradise

Who does not love an awesome tropical vibe? Fill your pool with different inflatable decorations and immediately change the entire feel of your backyard. You can also add some inflatable palm trees to completely transform the look of your pool and bring the tropics to your home.

To complete the tropical experience, bring in some piña coladas and other tropical refreshers to beat the heat. Pair these drinks with a good set of food ranging from pineapple pork chops, barbecue, spiced shrimp, and many others!

Invite your friends to come over and enjoy all these while staying home. You can also set up a tiki bar with different popular island drinks like rum punch. This can make the experience even better and ensure that you get to enjoy each other’s company the most.

2. Classic Hollywood

The “Classic Hollywood” theme stays alive and ever-enticing until today, and for a good reason. It reminds people of the golden era of Hollywood where famous people wore fur, every film comes out with fresh storylines, and parties and streets were filled with class.

Glam up your backyard pool by following the classic Hollywood theme. Dress the nearby wall with gold foil curtains and lights to set up the mood. Throw in some black, gold, and silver metallic balloons around your pool.

And of course, don’t forget to lay down a red carpet leading to your snack table where you serve some champagne – or the bottle of stars as most people call it – on a special pool party night.

3. Las Vegas

Bring Las Vegas into your backyard by decorating your pool and transforming it into a fun and playful part of your home. Las Vegas is known for its pool parties, and you can bring this into your home and have a good time with your friends.

This theme is best for adults, especially with all the dice-inspired prints and poker chip decor that you can incorporate with your designs. Pop in colours of red, black, white, and gold and immediately feel as if you are in a different place.

Incorporating this theme into your backyard pool will also be best if you have a bar area or table. As you play poker by the pool with your friends, you can further elevate the experience by serving drinks. There are also other activities you can do to remember Las Vegas aside from these as it has evolved into one of the greatest entertainment scenes in the world.

4. Water Park

Who doesn’t love water parks? The food, sun, and fun make up a perfect combination for both children and adults. However, the water theme park experience can be pretty expensive, especially during the summer. 

So why not try to bring the fun and entertainment to your backyard? Yes, it can be pretty challenging to set up a wave pool with a three-story water slide at home. But with a bit of creativity, you can set up an equally fun and memorable backyard water park experience for your family and friends.

A three-story slide might not be doable, but there are many inflatable, build-your-own, and DIY options online. Add some sip n slide, wading pool, floaters, water balloons, and water guns, and you’ve got your fun water park right in your backyard.

Transform your pool and enjoy the time you have with friends and family. Blue Haven has been consistent with its promise of helping clients to live their best life in the comfort of their homes. Reserve your very own pool today for only $349. Check out our online package deals here https://bluehaven.com.au/pool-spas/pool-package-deals/.

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