Our Top 5 Most Honest Customer Testimonials

June 9, 2022

Here at Blue Haven, our goal is not only to deliver pools but also happiness. As our ever-awesome CEO Remonda would always say, we are a builder that transforms lives, makes people happy, and reminds families of the significance of spending quality time together.

We love serving Australian families and helping them make their dream pool area come to life. These five most recent testimonials from our customers are more than enough proof of why we do what we do here at Blue Haven:


A resort-like vibe for a year-round sanctuary

A resort-like vibe for a year-round sanctuary

“Our Blue Haven pool has created the sanctuary we could only ever have imagined on holiday and at five-star resorts. Our unique designed pool works sympathetically to enhance the backyard landscape providing a holiday vibe all year round and a visual delight. We have enjoyed a newfound relaxation and pleasure that we didn’t even realise we were missing in our lives. The warm weather is a joy whilst we share happy days splashing around in custom made pool and on the cooler days the pool compliments our outdoor setting and reminds us of the sunny days ahead.”

– Jennifer W.


making the most out of your backyard

For making the most out of your backyard

“Our Blue Haven pool has given us an exceptional entertaining area and allowed us to make the most of our backyard. We now spend most days and some nights enjoying our amazing pool! Our kids spend endless hours in the pool while we sit and enjoy a wine and a swim, a poolside meal and many lazy, hazy summer days. Overall, we didn’t just get a swimming pool, we got a backyard transformation with multiple spaces to entertain and relax.”

– Nero K.


Shangri-La Pool Area

Rest, recharge, and retreat every day

“Blue Haven created our Shangri-La. Literally, the place where we, our family and even our local wildlife come to rest, recharge and ready ourselves for whatever onslaught the world wants to throw our way next. The melodies of the water gently running over the wet edge makes it a multi-sensory, retreat experience calling to us every morning… ‘come out’ it whispers, ‘come play in my cool, crispness… let me wash the world away and rejuvenate your soul’. It is the first and last place we find ourselves every single day.”

– Justine W.

Just like Justine, you can have your own Shangri-La inspired pool area at home – one that you can enjoy to the fullest without going outside or spending money. Add a spa, a swim jet system, or any other accessories you want to spruce up your pool haven. Children and adults alike will have the time of their lives enjoying a private sanctuary where you can create timeless memories and spend quality time together.


tranquil and beautiful resort style pool

A tranquil and beautiful lifestyle

“Blue Haven Pools have changed our lifestyle for the better. Our home is now a more than worthy destination to experience tranquil resort-style. It’s proven to not just facilitate a chill after daily work stressors but a focal point for our entertainment and wellbeing. We now have a beautifully heated sparking Blue Haven pool at our significantly enhanced front entrance inviting us to jump in even in winter.”

– Steve S.


perfect space for getting together with friends and family

The perfect space for getting together with friends and family

“Since Blue Haven has put our pool in we spend so much more time outside in the fresh air as a family and having friends and family over for BBQS and when it gets a little cool the spa is perfect to keep us outside.”

– Sami S.


We have always loved what we do here at Blue Haven – making families happy through our products. But seeing and reading wonderful feedback like this is an entirely different story. We are beyond ecstatic to know that we are on the right track throughout these years.

Don’t let your dream pool just be a dream. Our team is ready to take your lifestyle to a whole new level when you are. Contact us today to get started 🙂

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