Real Customer Experiences: Buying Your Pool Online

January 21, 2021

Online pool buying is safe and secure with Blue Haven but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients think 🙂

Danielle – “A respected pool builder since 1973 and online is the way of the future”

Remonda, the owner of Blue Haven, left a lasting impression on our client Danielle when they met at a pool expo. As a legacy brand with over 50 years of pool building experience, the client was convinced to terminate her agreement with another builder and sign up with Blue Haven for her knockdown and rebuild project. The incredible package deals that Blue Haven offers were strong contributors to her decision. She also loved how Remonda and the rest of Blue Haven were extremely patient with educating her about the entire journey from online reservation to pool construction. Whilst coronavirus is a challenge, she was impressed with how Blue Haven works around the situation to make the process remain seamless and stress-free. The construction is still on-going but the client has already referred Blue Haven to her family and friends and has been keeping everyone in the loop about the construction via her Instagram Page.

Ryan – “Superb customer service with no additional fees”

Ryan was ready to build a pool for his family and to start making it happen, his tech-savvy wife searched for pool builders online and found Blue Haven. Whilst they were impressed with the pool package deals, it was the outstanding customer service they experienced that ultimately sealed their decision to buy a pool online with Blue Haven. The team had an intimate discussion with the client numerous times to help him understand the package inclusions much better. He was particularly amazed by everyone’s transparency about the price, even comparing it to other quotes so he can get the best value for his money. The client also found the CDC application easy with the responsiveness of the town planner Blue Haven has engaged with. With Blue Haven on top of the process, the client is loving everything so far and is super thrilled to see the final result!

Daniel – “Smooth and seamless process for our Duplex pool project”

Daniel didn’t have any inhibitions about buying a pool online. The only thing that matters to him was shaking hands with the most-fitting pool solutions provider to build the two pools for his Duplex. Whilst he has come across other builders, he just cannot afford to ignore the Blue Haven brand with its excellent track record and wealth of experience. He signed up with Blue Haven and everything went super well from online reservation to pool construction. He was appreciative of Blue Haven’s assistance with the CDC application process, making it convenient and comfortable for him. He also loved that Blue Haven was open to taking photos of the construction. Whilst the process took longer than usual because the client had to build the house before the pool, he was extremely satisfied with the outcome. He has already recommended Blue Haven and even wrote a review.

To explore our online pool packages, head to https://bluehaven.com.au/pool-spas/pool-package-deals

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