The Transformative Power of a Pool in Your House Flip or Home Renovation Project

October 7, 2020

House flipping and home renovations are all the rage these days, as demonstrated by the vast number of house flipping TV shows and businesses in Australia. To find success as a house flipper, you have to make your property stand out from all of the others on the market — and a pool is a great way to achieve that goal.

At the same time, installing or renovating a pool requires careful planning and professional guidance from a reputable pool manufacturer. In this post, we’ll explain why adding a pool can separate your property from others on the market. You’ll also see how Nero Group and Blue Haven Pools recently transformed a historic Merewether home with the addition of a custom plunge pool.


Why a pool increases the appeal of your property

In Australia, more than 2.7 million people live in a home with a pool. For Aussies, a pool is much more than just an attractive addition to an outdoor space. Instead, it’s a gathering place for friends and family to make memories for years to come.

As a professional house flipper or property developer, it’s helpful to keep this in mind as you renovate and list homes. A well-designed pool can act as an important selling point for many prospective buyers (especially families), who will be delighted to discover that their new home has a pool for their private use.

Plus, having a pool could help your property stand out from similar homes on the market that don’t have pools. If you’re renovating an older home, a pool can add a modern touch that other homes in the area don’t have. And if it’s a newer home, some buyers might simply expect you to have a pool and be disappointed if you don’t.


How Blue Haven Pools and Nero Group transformed a historic home with a custom pool

Let’s look at an example of how pools can elevate your house flip or home renovation project. At Blue Haven Pools, we recently partnered with Nero Group, a residential property development firm based in Newcastle, to transform the pool area at 285 Glebe Road in Merewether, NSW.

Built in 1910, this gorgeous and historic home needed quite a few updates, including a completely new pool. We replaced the dated pool with a sleek and modern plunge pool, custom-designed to enhance the look and feel of the entire home.

The custom hand-built concrete pool serves as the centrepiece of the home’s outdoor area, complete with a feature wall and Sheer Descent waterfall. The blue mood light pairs perfectly with the interior of the pool, which is in the shade Haven White and features blue glass beads.

To accommodate the project’s strict timeline, Blue Haven Pools was able to finish this stunning pool in just four weeks.

Whether you’re embarking on a renovation project, flipping a house, or just upgrading your own home, adding a pool can boost the value and style of your home. At Blue Haven Pools, we have been designing and installing pools for nearly 50 years, building more than 70,000 pools and winning more than 350 industry awards.


Our friendly and knowledgeable team of pool experts will guide you through each step of your project, from concepts to council approval to construction. Get in touch with Blue Haven Pools today by calling us on 13 20 25 or submitting an enquiry form on our website.

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