Three reasons why buying a pool online is 100% risk free and how hundreds of clients have saved thousands with Blue Haven

January 21, 2021

Swimming has been synonymous with Australian culture and identity.

The love affair between Aussies and swimming made pools the backbone of a quintessential Australian lifestyle.

Did you know that 13% of Australian households own a swimming pool?

That’s approximately 2.7 million pools!

This data derived from the 2018 Roy Morgan survey on Australian pool ownership demonstrates our incredible and undeniable love for swimming.

In the sea of competitive and passionate pool solutions providers across the country, Blue Haven is a name you cannot miss.


This legacy brand has been around since 1973!

It has won over 350 industry design awards including the world’s first semi-inground pool design.

With nearly 50 years of operations, Blue Haven is a trusted pool builder that primarily delivers unparalleled customer service to Australian families across Sydney.

Fact: Blue Haven delivers around 20 pools per week

This translates to nearly 100 pools per month!

With their deep consumer insights and remarkable skill, Blue Haven is more than capable of giving the best value for your buck.


A true icon of the Pool Construction Industry, Blue Haven is a pioneer of several innovations including selling custom designed concrete pools online. Today’s buyers are empowered with so much information and do most of their research online, so it is only natural that Blue Haven started selling pools online. This was brought about by founder Remonda’s vision to help families save time and money while still delivering world class products, all from the comfort of their living rooms.

Their clients absolutely love it! And below are the top three reasons why buying pools online is the way of digital future, and how it is 100% risk free:

  1. 1. A legendary pool builder

When you buy a pool from Blue Haven, you are buying from a legacy brand with a strong track record and with time, comes abundant experience. So whether it is in-person or online, you’re essentially dealing with Australia’s trusted Blue Haven brand.

A recent client Danielle, decided to sign up with Blue Haven for this reason. She loved every bit of the experience from buying her pool online through to construction because it was effortless and convenient. She also appreciated that Blue Haven was super patient with educating her about the entire building process, giving her peace of mind and holding her hand every step of the way. Buying online is more human than ever.

  1. 2. 100% risk-free and no hidden charges

As a well-respected pool builder, Blue Haven believes that transparency breeds trust. Once you have paid the $349 online reservation fee, Blue Haven will review all plans, designs and documents to propose a FIXED price and contract, and a rate for undecided items. If you didn’t like the final proposal, Blue Haven will immediately refund your $349 online reservation fee. No questions asked.

Our Client Ryan was super impressed with Blue Haven’s transparency and reliability. To ensure that he chose the most suitable package, Ryan’s online journey included several in depth discussions with Blue Haven to clarify any concerns. Ryan even compared Blue Haven’s fixed price quote with other builders and obviously, Blue Haven simply offered more value.

  1. 3. Convenient and stress-free transaction

Buying a Blue Haven pool online is super easy with only a few steps to complete.

  1. Reserve your pool package deal for just $349 on the Blue Haven website
  2. Provide all the necessary documents for the Blue Haven Team to review
  3. Blue Haven provides fixed contract, price, and rates for undecided items
  4. You can decide whether to proceed or not. If not, Blue Haven will refund the $349. Otherwise, you will sign the digital contract and settle 10% of the payment.
  5. Finalise permit approval
  6. Showroom planning session (this is the sexy exciting part)
  7. Pool construction for 8 to 12 weeks

Finally, swim time!

If you would like to learn more about our concrete pool package deals, head to https://bluehaven.com.au/pool-spas/pool-package-deals/

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