Save $15,000 with Our Vacant Block Package: Here’s How!

February 26, 2021

Are you in the process of building your home and considering installing a pool?

This is how our Vacant Block Package can save you $15,000 and why thousands of our clients love it!

  1. Build your vision to life. The key advantage of this package is enjoying full access to your block from the beginning. It’s 100% easier to build a pool with a blank canvas instead of working around an existing structure. Through this order, you can plan according to your wishes without compromises and limitations. You can excavate, prepare the shell, and accomplish electrical work without any obstruction. You can choose the amount of space to dedicate, type of pool, location, and other details from the biggest down to the tiniest, which every homeowner deserves. Your home is your biggest personal investment. Make the most of it by empowering yourself with greater control over aesthetics and functionality.
  2. No surprise costs. Our Vacant Block Package is fully inclusive. After reviewing your site conditions, we will provide you with a FIXED price, timeline, and rates on undecided items. Transparency is the currency of trust, and nobody knows it better than Blue Haven.
  3. Pool structure completed in 7 days. Skilled and professional, Blue Haven guarantees to finish all steelworks, plumbing, and concreting within a week to ensure that you don’t lose excavation access to your backyard.
  4. Finish the pool when your house is at the lock-up stage. When you build your house and pool together, you can balance, harmonise, and design your outdoor entertaining area seamlessly, creating a home that is beautiful from all angles. Customer-centric, our Vacant Block Package gives you the privilege to finish the pool when your house is at the lock-up stage, empowering you to choose finishes that would suit your new architecture. The result is a pool that seamlessly blends with the home, so it becomes a fully-integrated feature and not just a mere adjunct. Bespoke. Consistent. Flawless.
  5. Peace of mind. Want to secure our Vacant Block Package but still in the process of registering DA, pool plans, and land? Don’t stress 🙂 Sign up with us today and we will include a “waiting for Local Government” clause in our contract. Don’t miss out on the benefit of the package’s current price with an extra bonus of a 12 month building option.
  6. Avoid disrupting your lifestyle with another major construction project. Enjoy a brand new start immediately when you move into a fully completed project. This is where your vision comes to life. Say goodbye to the noise, mess, and tradies going in and out of your home with a move-in-ready property.
  7. Avoid potential disruption of existing areas like driveways and landscapes. Depending on your access points, building a pool around an existing structure means you may need to remove fencing, decking, and stone paving during installation.

Our vacant pool package starts from $19,990, and you can reserve it for only $349. For more information, click here.

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