Want A Hotel-Like Experience At Home? Let These 3 Luxury Hotel Pools Around The World Inspire Your Pool Design

March 24, 2022

There’s something about luxury hotels that makes anyone want to stay and linger for as long as they can. It could be the fancy and intricate design of the hotel’s lounge, reception, and exterior. 

Some travellers love the amazing and luxurious scent that fills their noses upon walking into the establishment and its corridors. You also can’t miss the tight security and safety that comes with their sky-high rates. 

For some, though, it’s the hotel’s stunning swimming pool that serves as the icing on the cake. After all, it’s the perfect spot for socialising, relaxing, and taking Instagram-worthy photos that you can take with you even after the trip is over. For that reason, the pool is considered the centre and heart of the action of luxury hotels. 

You can design or remodel your home pool in a way that will make you feel like spending your leisure time in a five-star hotel. Ready to get started? Check the following tips for upgrades and modifications you can do to your pool at home:



Marina Bay Sands Hotel pool vibe
Source: Marina Bay Sands Facebook account


Highlight the dramatic view to get that Marina Bay Sands Hotel pool vibe

Unless you live in a cave, you surely have heard or seen photos of the jaw-dropping perfection that is Marina Bay Sands. Dubbed as the most expensive hotel ever built, the hotel absolutely doesn’t disappoint in any way, but most notably with its resplendent infinity pool that’s beautifully situated at its rooftop. 

You don’t need a rooftop to recreate the same ambience, just as long as you have a dramatic view that you can take advantage of. The zero-edge or infinity pool design is what you ultimately need to get the same vibe as that of Marina Bay Sands’s luxurious pool. 

Let your pool create an immersive and stunning experience by complementing the wide horizon of a majestic sea vista or mountain view. An infinity pool is perfect for such a spectacular setting since it allows the water to overflow into a collection trough to create an impression of the water continuing to the sky. 



Caesar Palace in Las Vegas
Source: Caesar Palace Facebook account


Swim, play games, and feel like royalty the way Caesar Palace in Las Vegas does it

Casino goer or not, you can never resist the luxurious splendour of Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll be impressed by the detailed Greco-Romanesque design of this hotel that you can clearly see in its towers, upscale suites, lavish furnishings, opulent villas, and numerous outdoor swimming pools.

What’s good about recreating the same vibe is that you can make it happen regardless of the size of your pool area. A plunge pool, for instance, is perfect for lounging and relaxing no matter what time of the day it is. Fibreglass and inground concrete pools would also be ideal for such a theme. 

To get into that Caesar Palace mood, you can install concrete tables for games such as blackjack and beer pong. If you have a flair for Romanesque architecture, you can add Greek and Roman gods statues for an ultimate impression of the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis in Caesar Palace.



Hanging Gardens of Bali
Source: Hanging Gardens of Bali Facebook account


Create a jungle-like haven that mimics the Hanging Gardens of Bali in Indonesia

Sometimes, luxury doesn’t always mean lavish interiors and grandiose appeal. Your idea of relaxation can also mean getting your fair share of Mother Nature, and perhaps that’s exactly what a stay at the Hanging Gardens of Bali in Bali, Indonesia offers.

Tucked away in the depths of Ubud jungles is this treehouse-inspired luxury resort where you can get a divine taste of relaxation, retreat, and indulgence. But what makes the Hanging Gardens truly exquisite is its suspended rooftop infinity pool that will make your heart skip a beat (or more). 

If you don’t live in the mountains or anywhere elevated, don’t worry. You can still create a jungle-like paradise by adding plenty of plants and flowers to your outdoor space. A glass window pool design will be perfect as the focal point of your tropical sanctuary. If you want it to be more customisable according to your preference, you can choose a custom concrete pool for this theme. You can consider hiring a pool landscaping professional to achieve your desired effects, or you may also do it on your own. 

Some plant ideas you can add to your list include succulents, ornamental grasses, vines, tropical plants, evergreen hedges, wildflowers, and fragrant plants. A rock garden surrounding your pool is also a fantastic idea that can help create an oasis-like illusion. This idea is perfect for pools with water features such as stepping stones, rocks, water fountains, and other detailed hardscaping.


Your dream pool is just an inspiration away

There’s no longer any need to travel the world when you feel like getting your much-needed retreat. You can recreate the ambience you want by designing your pool area exactly the way you want it to be. Whether it’s a lavish pool rendezvous or a jungle-like haven that you are hoping to have, these tips above can surely help you out. If you need more pool inspo, read this article.

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