Blue Haven Pools & Spas: Mastering Innovation from Pool Building to Lifestyle Experience

July 11, 2023

A pioneer in bespoke swimming pool design, Blue Haven Pools & Spas now stretches its innovative wings to embrace an exciting new chapter. We’re not just about crystalline water shimmering under the sun or the creation of outdoor paradises anymore.


Now, with the doors of our transformed Lansvale showroom open from 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM, six days a week at 68 Hume Highway Lansvale NSW 2166, we’re ready to embrace an exciting new chapter as an engaging lifestyle destination. Pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations is in our DNA, and our quest for excellence now extends from outdoor living concepts to culinary delights and beyond.


A Leap into Lifestyle Excellence


We’re no stranger to excellence – it’s our modus operandi. Whether sculpting pools or crafting lifestyle experiences, our mission to make a splash is unwavering. As Sydney’s most innovative pool builder, we’ve taken the plunge to seamlessly blend luxury pool shopping with a vibrant lifestyle hub. A visit to our Lansvale showroom is a sensory voyage where retail therapy meets relaxation, work-life balance meets wellness, and culinary curiosity meets satisfaction.


A Vision, Reimagined

Pool Building to Lifestyle Experience

Our journey to transform the Blue Haven showroom was ambitious yet exhilarating. When our Lansvale flagship and head office was originally designed in 1998, it was a pool showroom spanning 10,000 sqm. With the revamp, we envisaged an avant-garde lifestyle destination that would not only showcase our designer concrete pools but also cater to the diverse needs of Sydneysiders.


The revamp project was colossal but deeply rewarding. Today, the result is a trailblazing lifestyle hub featuring a world-class display centre, events space, and much more. Our vision of a ‘wet water haven’ has been realised, and it’s truly breathtaking. A place where retail boutiques meet pizzerias, gyms complement cafés, and multiple possibilities converge in a dynamic location.


Putting Lansvale on the Map


Lansvale, once an unassuming gem tucked away in the heart of Sydney, is emerging as a lifestyle destination, thanks in part to the presence of the Blue Haven Pools & Spas Lansvale showroom. Our comprehensive lifestyle hub has encouraged a vibrant influx of Sydneysiders and tourists alike, stimulating the growth of local businesses and enriching the Lansvale community.


Yet, it’s not just about the added footfall or economic stimulation; it’s about the spirit of community and connection that we bring. We strive to contribute positively to Lansvale’s evolution by offering a multi-faceted lifestyle destination that provides exceptional experiences, from poolside relaxation to culinary exploration.


However, we aren’t claiming sole responsibility for Lansvale’s rising star. It’s the collective efforts of the community, the people, and businesses like ours that are writing a new chapter for Lansvale. We’re proud to be part of this narrative and look forward to contributing to the ongoing development and recognition of this dynamic suburb.


More Than Pools: A Culinary Adventure


Our showroom also introduces visitors to a gourmet paradise. The café serves up an exquisite menu that tempts every palate, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts. And our pizzeria takes the Italian classic to new heights, with every slice promising a burst of authentic flavours.


A Hub at the Heart of the Community


Our Lansvale showroom is more than a business venture; it’s our contribution to the local community. The café, gym, and other facilities are not just additions to our space, but a testament to our commitment to our customers and community. We’ve endeavoured to create an environment where families can relax, fitness enthusiasts can recharge, and food lovers can relish in culinary delights, all within an arm’s reach of our stunning pool displays.


Half a Century of Innovation


Our journey of innovation spans over 50 years. Being a family business, we’ve always embraced the need to adapt and grow with the times. Our constant drive for innovation has led us to evolve from being Sydney’s most innovative pool builder to becoming a multi-faceted lifestyle destination. Yet, we’ve stayed true to our roots. Our commitment to delivering the best in everything we do is as strong as it was five decades ago.


At Blue Haven, we pride ourselves on striving for the extraordinary. From our humble beginnings as a pool builder to our transformation into a lifestyle destination, we’ve always had one aim – to excel in everything we do. Our Lansvale showroom stands as a testament to this enduring commitment, inviting everyone to be a part of our exciting journey.


The Blue Haven experience isn’t just about excellence; it’s about discovering an exceptional lifestyle. We invite you to immerse yourself in it, to savour every moment, and to celebrate the extraordinary with us. After all, life is too short for the ordinary. Welcome to Blue Haven, where excellence meets lifestyle.


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