Dive into Plunge Pools: Your FAQs Answered!

May 15, 2023

In recent years, Australia’s urban landscape has evolved with shrinking block sizes and expanding floor areas, paving the way for the splash-tastic rise and beauty of plunge pools. If you’re thinking about diving into this backyard craze, grab a cuppa and check out our boss lady CEO Remonda’s answers to your most pressing plunge pool questions, ensuring you make a well-informed decision.


Is a small pool worth it?


A small pool is certainly worth it! Since a small pool costs less to landscape with less fencing, paving and surrounding costs, you can spend more on the pool and make it an incredible feature piece. Glass window panels are becoming increasingly popular these days for those with sloping blocks. The possibilities are endless amidst the small size of your pool, really!


What size of backyard do people need for a plunge pool?


Believe it or not, even large backyards have plunge pools. A smaller pool leaves more area for grass and lifestyle.  Most children love to kick a ball around, bounce on a trampoline, play in a cubby house and run around playing cops and robbers so EVERY size of the backyard is suitable. An underground easement or sewer line may also restrict the pool size and the beauty of a custom-designed concrete pool is that it can cater for all types of restrictions effortlessly.


How much can you get an entry-level plunge pool for?


A swimming pool is a construction process so pricing is site specific. Starting costs depend on access, soil conditions and elevations but a designer concrete plunge pool on a standard block starts from just $35,000.


At Blue Haven Pools & Spas, we have created an online quiz to help determine costs you may need to factor in. For example, these types of things will add cost to your budget – restricted mini access, sandy or loose soil conditions, building over or adjacent to a sewer line, a sloping block, and retaining walls.  And when it comes to the finishing touches, you can have swim jets, fully tiled luxe interiors, mineral water,  spa seats and mini jets, heating, and lighting. My suggestion is always to assess the site costs first and then see how much is left in the budget to spend on the finishes because, at Blue Haven Pools, there’s a pool design for EVERY budget.


Is a plunge pool easier to maintain?


Smaller pools are generally easier to maintain compared to larger pools. However, it’s important to note that the ease of maintenance also depends on factors such as the type of pool, its materials, and the location. A smaller pool is also cheaper, and did I mention – faster to HEAT? Which is why so many of us love a plunge pool. Nothing better than a cool pool all summer and a hot spa for winter – plus you get to enjoy all the wellness perks of an outdoor pool.  And with a plunge pool, it’s totally possible!


If you’re ready to transform your backyard into a personal paradise, dive into the world of plunge pools today. Get in touch with us and start building your own private oasis.


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