The Wellness Perks of an Outdoor Pool

September 12, 2022

Did you know that an outdoor pool offers plenty of wellness perks you didn’t realise can change your life? So whilst you probably already know how much value an outdoor pool adds to your property, allow us to shed light on the epic benefits it brings to your overall health and wellness.

Pools are holistic. Here’s why

According to the World Health Organisation, our homes, communities, and environment decide up to 90% of our health outcomes.

Simply put, investing in our homes is investing in our health and well-being. No wonder a growing number of Australian families are investing in pools not only for entertainment but also and more importantly to enhance their lifestyle.

Not yet convinced? Let us break down to you the wellness perks you can get from an outdoor pool at home:


stress-relieving space near swimming pool

A stress-relieving space

Swimming is known to provide a long-lasting therapeutic impact. It improves overall mental wellness by increasing endorphin and vitamin D levels in addition to the physical advantages to the body.

Fact: Swimming involves a particular physical and breathing method very similar to the calming techniques employed in yoga and meditation, aside from any biochemical changes in the brain. When you swim, you usually cycle between tensing and relaxing your muscles, while also taking deep breaths in and out and occasionally holding them.

The sunshine, peaceful surroundings, and cool water all contribute to complete relaxation.

Great for fitness

Swimming is a remarkably efficient form of exercise that improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance – no wonder pools with swim jets are increasingly growing in popularity.

Diving into cooler water can enhance these effects as swimming in chilly water requires the body to work harder and the heart to beat more quickly to stay warm. In fact, it requires the body to work twice as hard to maintain heat, which can cause the metabolism to rise by up to 550% above resting levels. Overall, swimming in cooler weather burns a lot more calories than doing it in warmer weather.

In addition, swimming lowers tension and has no detrimental impact on your joints as jogging or running can. Calorie burning, weight loss, improved heart health, and higher vitality are other health advantages. Did you also know that children can maintain a normal bedtime by participating in aquatic activities?


Catalyses social wellness and privacy

Catalyses social wellness and privacy

Another major advantage of an outdoor pool at home is the privacy that comes with it. You no longer need to worry about strangers gawking at you when wearing your favourite swimsuit. You have all the ease and freedom to cool off whenever the summer heat waves hit.

Consider the pleasant times you’ve had at the pool with family or friends in the past. We bet most people can name at least one! Swimming pools are a great way to bring your family closer. On a bright day, everyone—children, teenagers, and adults—can take pleasure in splashing around, having fun, or simply relaxing in some sparkling water. Additionally, having a pool will make your home a popular gathering place, making you a popular host!


A longer happier life

A longer, happier life

Don’t we all want to live happier and longer lives? What if we told you that compared to other exercisers like runners, walkers, or people who don’t exercise at all, swimmers typically have a death risk that is 50% lower?

White blood cell count rises by making the body respond to alterations in the environment, like the cooler water of an outdoor pool. This implies that the body’s mobilising defences get better with time, which explains why people who practice cold water swimming rarely get sick.

Your outdoor wellness awaits

Truth be told, there’s more than enough reason to have your own backyard haven at home. More than the aesthetic value it adds to your property, an outdoor pool offers plenty of wellness perks that you can’t easily get without it.

Ready to get started on the road to better health and wellness – and have a lot of fun at the same time? Contact us today and let’s talk about how you can start building your holistic pool, stat.

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