The Most Glamorous Indoor Pools in The World

October 21, 2022

Whilst the outdoor pool usually offers a great natural backdrop, indoor pools don’t have to be uninteresting. With a reputable pool builder to create a great design, you may swim laps under sparkling crystal chandeliers, sip cocktails next to a heated saltwater pool, or even take in the skyline of your beautiful city from the luxury of an indoor infinity pool.

So, if you’re looking for indoor pool inspirations for your project, retreat, or mansion, be sure to include any of these opulent and glamorous indoor pools around the world:


Hearst Castle Indoor Pool, USA

Hearst Castle Indoor Pool USA

Ready to be transported back to Roman times? Imagine floating in a pool with eight statues of Roman gods, goddesses, and heroes that are embellished with vibrant colours and sparkling gold glass tiles.

This magnificent, perfectly finished pool has marble statues of Roman deities and athletes, lamps made of marble and alabaster, and is tiled from roof to floor. Between 1927 and 1934, Julia Morgan constructed the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle. The mosaics, which feature sea life, mermaids, and other endearing motifs created by Camille Solon, were motivated by those discovered in the Galla Placidia tomb from the 5th century in Ravenna, Italy.

Recreate this glamorous vibe by surrounding your pool at home with lavish colours and intricate details. Play with various pool finishes and work closely with your pool designer so you can achieve what you really like for your indoor haven.


Burj Al Arab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Al Arab Dubai Pool United Arab Emirates

Inside Dubai’s most iconic hotel is the ‘ultimate destination to luxuriate and rejuvenate,’ and a quick glance at their Talise Spa will tell you why.

Featuring an amazing infinity pool with views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, the lavish swimming pool is 500 feet above sea level and even offers a “romantic moonlight dip” where visitors may have a private swim in a pool of rose petals. The pool is enclosed in a room with towering columns, elaborate tile work, and water that is crystal pure in stunning hues of gold, green, and blue. Additionally, the pool’s bottom is tiled with vibrant hues.

This pool is more for soaking in the views than for swimming laps, and it is entered through wide stairs. On the deck, there are benches and lounge chairs as well as a separate whirlpool. Because it’s Dubai, you can anticipate fine furnishings and linens like vintage lounge chairs and the softest towels you’ve ever felt.


La Mamounia Hotel Spa, Morocco

La Mamounia Hotel Spa Morocco

It is simple to understand why Winston Churchill gave this magnificent luxury royal hotel such high praise. The lavish spa pool at La Mamounia in Marrakech features a magnificent palatial design, Moroccan chandeliers, famous gold columns, and vibrant tiles that provide an opulent space for relaxation.

The 2.50838sqm Spa La Mamounia is inspired by a sensuous fusion of Moroccan and Eastern culture, masterfully fusing the old world with the new. A full range of face and body therapies utilising Amala and marocMaroc products, as well as manicures and pedicures by La Ric, are among the more than 80 treatments available. Signature services include a deluxe take on the classic Hammam process. The spa has 10 treatment rooms, 6 outdoor massage cabins, 2 gyms, 2 Hammans, a spa suite, a sizable indoor heated pool, and a Jacuzzi.

Want a Winston-Churchill-approved atmosphere like this one in your own home? You can do so by adding a massage cabin and a compact swim spa to your indoor pool. These luxurious additions are so worth the investment and can truly mirror the rejuvenating and luxuriating feel of an Eastern retreat.


InterContinental Le Grand Hotel Pool Bordeaux, France

InterContinental Le Grand Hotel Pool Bordeaux France

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to swim inside a museum? This indoor pool looks like it belongs in a room fit for renaissance aristocracy, with its extraordinarily high ceilings, lavish draperies, and scarlet red columns with gold accents. The lavish swimming pool at Bordeaux’s InterContinental Le Grand Hotel has opulent, sweeping proportions, massage jets, and gold gargoyle waterfalls.

Throughout the pool area, swimmers will find white daybeds and European art in gold frames. The space is surrounded by striking crimson, gold, and black pillars, while gold statues project waterfalls from the walls. 

The water almost has a black appearance, which adds to the attraction of the pool, giving you the impression that you are swimming in ancient times when public bathhouses were all the rage. 

Let this beautiful indoor pool inspire your dream space at home. Achieve the same serene and museum-like effect by taking advantage of your high ceilings. Add a few daybeds and don’t forget lavish draperies with gold accents here and there. 


Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa, Chile

At the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, interior designers Alexandra Edwards and Carolina di Plano sought to bring the outside in. The hotel is tucked away in Chile’s far south on a hill where Lake Sarmiento meets the South American pampa. In the heart of the forest, the 37 double rooms and 3 suites wrap guests in warmth. 

With the towering peaks of Torres del Paine providing an incomparable background, the pool looks out over Lake Sarmiento. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, wildlife may be seen scurrying, including hares and llama-like guanacos. As the sun is setting, swim to the far end and take in the scenery. In this enchanted region of South America, there is no better way to soothe the pains from a long day.

You may not be able to recreate a stunning Chilean view at home, but if your property is somehow elevated with a nice view, you can surely make a magnificent indoor retreat out of it. Be sure to install floor-to-ceiling windows to maximise the beautiful view and bring in a relaxing ambience.


Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, China

Four Seasons Hotel Pudong China

A visit to the Four Seasons Hotel Pudong is a must if you’re in Shanghai. Visitors can unwind in the hotel’s infinity pool while taking in the breathtaking views of the city’s downtown from its vantage point high in the sky.

The opulent Four Seasons Hotel chain answers to a city glistening with self-assurance, power, and high-octane excitement with grandeur, custom experiences, and throbbing energy found only in contemporary China. The 187-room luxury hotel in the busy business sector delights guests with an abundance of leisure activities, including a fantastic infinity pool on the 41st level with breathtaking views of the city.

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