50 Years And Still Staying Relevant – How Blue Haven Does It

August 9, 2022

Starting a pool business is something incredible – but being able to last 50 years in the industry and still staying relevant, well, that’s more than something, right? Here at Blue Haven, this is what we’re proud of.

Big things come from small beginnings so allow us to take you on a quick trip down memory lane on how it all started. The company started in 1973, when our boss lady CEO Remonda’s father, Mr Ray Awadallah, started manufacturing and installing vinyl-lined above-ground pools in Yennora NSW. Being a true family man who is deeply in love with water, Ray immediately saw how pools can bring happiness to Australian families.

From the words of Remonda herself, “When my dad started Blue Haven years ago, he never set out to win awards or grow into Australia’s largest pool and spa company. Like so many first-generation immigrants, he loved his family and enjoyed being outdoors. So when he saw an opportunity to provide for us by building pools for sun-loving Sydneysiders, he grabbed it immediately. He and my mum worked super hard, taking every pool order seriously and often bent backwards to please clients – a work ethic I acquired from observing them at a young age. I guess you could say it runs in our blood 😉 Their reward was lifelong loyal customers who spread our good name and as they would say, the rest is history.”

From there, Blue Haven took a life of its own. Customers who had their pools installed 50 years ago still continue to enjoy the same original pool from us, which is definitely something we are immensely proud of to this day. It feels great to be part of their traditions, celebrations, and family bondings through the years.

For over 20 years, we have also maintained a strong connection and relationship with our loyal contractors and local suppliers, who by the way, used to be Remonda’s playmates as a kid. This allowed us to pull through and navigate the impediment in the building and construction sector caused by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can see, this business is more than just a company for all of us. Blue Haven is our family, our second home.

So, the BIG question is…

How do Blue Haven Pools & Spas does it?

The simplest and most straightforward answer is strong and innovative leadership.

Remonda has always been a firm believer of how being ever-evolving and innovative is the key to staying relevant amidst the changing times. Looking back, this was also the principle that her parents have held onto during their time, as backed by their awards and recognitions, starting from building the first vinyl pool that received local government Development Application (DA) approval to their numerous distinctions in the pool construction industry, including the following:

  • Australian Design Award for the world’s first semi-inground pool design in 1987
  • First ribbed fibreglass pool that did not require a steel and concrete bond beam to hold it in ground.
  • The first SALT WATER POOL for above-ground pools ever.


And the legacy goes on

Remonda is particularly most proud of being able to carry on the family legacy – which is this business that her father and mother, Mrs Mary Awadallah, built from scratch. According to our ever-relentless CEO, it has been an extraordinary journey to keep the Blue Haven branding fresh and modern. The steps Blue Haven has taken to innovate are remarkable. With today’s consumers increasingly time-poor, Remonda transitioned Blue Haven to become the first company in the world to offer pools online.

Remonda also loves that through the Blue Haven brand, we are somehow like a bridge that connects Australian families to the pride and joy that they feel after owning a pool easily. She loves being a builder that transforms lives, makes people happy, and reminds families of the significance of spending quality time together. As one of our top 5 most honest customer testimonials said it, “Blue Haven Pools have changed our lifestyle for the better. Our home is now a more than worthy destination to experience tranquil resort-style. It’s proven to not just facilitate a chill after daily work stressors but a focal point for our entertainment and wellbeing. We now have a beautifully heated sparking Blue Haven pool at our significantly enhanced front entrance inviting us to jump in even in winter.”

Another significant milestone for Blue Haven is the creation of our EnviroSmart Mineral Pool. We’ve developed the EnviroSmart Mineral Pool for you to enjoy the pleasure of a backyard pool while minimising the impact on the environment and maximising the remarkable benefits of minerals. In fact, it reduces waste water by 12,000 litres per annum and saves you 80% of ongoing operating costs.

So now you can enjoy minerals that make you feel good, savings that will make you feel great and a reduced carbon footprint that will make you feel like a hero.

buying pool online

It’s all about branding and innovation

Remonda brought Blue Haven to new heights by making it the first and only pool builder in the world to sell custom concrete pools online. With the launch of the new BLU HVN branding, she’s basically revolutionised an industry that was energy-intensive and clunky in the sales process by completely digitising it so homeowners can buy a pool online risk-free.

She’s also invested so many resources into new construction equipment and 3D animation, visual and AR technology so homeowners can enjoy a seamless experience and avoid consumer reluctance. With homeowners already knowing what they want, online pool sales was the obvious direction.

Because design and innovation have always been in Remonda’s DNA, it’s no wonder she was able to lead Blue Haven’s transition as she leads the second generation of the family legacy. In fact, Blue Haven made it to Australian Financial Review’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2021. We were ranked 7th in our niche out of over 700 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand, placing us amongst billion-dollar companies.

Imagine being the brains behind all these innovations as a lady CEO and still being able to juggle her role as a mother – that’s our strong-willed lady boss for you! With all these traits backed up by incredible results with Blue Haven Pools & Spas winning over 350 industry awards thus far, there’s really no wonder why she’s part of Australia’s Top 100 Women in 2021.


A brighter and better future for Blue Haven

Being an innovator and a visionary herself, Remonda will always be excited about what lies ahead for Blue Haven. This 2022, our CEO will be launching a Sales & Mentoring Program for ladies who are interested to learn more about pool design, sales, customer services, communication, personal presentation, and self-confidence.

Another exciting thing coming up for the company is our very own Lansvale Centre of Excellence. Blue Haven Pools is set to redefine the concept of a pool showroom – and the construction has already started this year. Our Lansvale warehouse, head office, and showroom went through a significant makeover and will soon be more than just a vision. Led by our General Manager Richie, we renovated our 10,000 sqm showroom in Lansvale to truly immerse our customers in the ultimate sensory experience with our state-of-the-art pools and Poolside Pizza Pavillion, which features indoor and alfresco dining and boutique retail options.

So yes, we have come a long way – and we sure are more than ready to go further.

If you are ready to start building your dream pool, contact us and let’s discuss your plans.

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