Meet Richie: 3 Things You Should Know About Our Amazing General Manager and Pool Builder Extraordinaire

January 16, 2023

Today, we’re giving the FULL spotlight to one of our key leaders – our pool builder extraordinaire and amazing General Manager, Mr Richie Hamawi. 

Here are 3 things you should know about him: 

1. He doesn’t mind sleeping in the pool (lol 😅)

If there’s one thing unmistakable about Richie, it’s his unwavering passion and commitment to making sure everything is well executed, from pool shows and customer service to creating a plan, and leading the team. He’s so into the process, that he won’t even notice the time and before he knows it, it’s time for bed and, well, the pool is what he considers his home (and his bed, too!)

Richie has been with us for over 15 years, and in those years, he has led countless notable projects that showcased the Blue Haven difference. An excellent example is the Sydney Swans project, a bold and intricate construction project because of its location and duplex structure, which only reflects our team’s expertise and design acumen with the supervision of, well, you’ve guessed it – RICHIE. 

The pools had to be excavated, steel fixed, plumbed and concreted within days as house construction had to start as fast as possible, which would restrict access to the backyard. Richie and the team worked with meticulous comprehensive planning and open communication, delivering the project on time, on budget, and on point – even saving our clients nearly $30,000. 

And then there’s the Castlereagh project that was envisioned by the client as a haven that will allow them to swim laps and also enjoy a staycation. Despite the site’s complicated location and structure, the team managed to pull it off with the pool, even amassing prestigious awards from The Oscars of the Pool World – Swimming Pool And Spa Association. As Richie would always say, “No site is ever complicated if you’re armed with skills and an amazing crew to back you up.” Right back at ya, Richie! 😉




2. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty on-site

After designing your unique pool project, you’ll find Richie getting his hands dirty on site. He isn’t afraid to tuck in and put his extensive experience and vision to work. We know you all just want to get swimming as soon as possible, so our passionate team of designers and builders always dig in and get the pool finished – and that includes Richie himself!

With plenty of experience in pool building, Richie has seen it all; and this has given him the ability to tackle any hurdles head-on so your dream pool becomes a reality. Every single client matters to us and when you choose us to build your dream pool, the entire team at Blue Haven will be with you every step of the way. 


3. He is a hands-on leader

We breed our own blue crew here at Blue Haven Pools with Richie leading the successful apprenticeship and mentoring program so we can all be assured of the highest quality, attention to detail, and capacity to handle the volume and we rarely need to rely on subcontractors. “Our Blue Crew has kept us leading the way with CUSTOM POOL BUILDS,” according to Richie. 

The renovation of our flagship showroom and head office in Lansvale truly demonstrates Richie’s leadership. We know what you’re thinking – it’s that we’re always gushing over our Lansvale Centre of Excellence. We can’t blame you, because we really do gush over it all the time. Can you blame us? It’s an epic project that we’re so proud of, and for that, we don’t have any plans of letting go of our epic bragging rights!

Spearheaded by Richie, the project involved transforming the 10,000 sqm complex into a pioneering display centre and events space that delivers multiple possibilities in one exclusive and dynamic location. With a world-class collection of designer concrete pools alongside a café, a pizzeria, retail boutiques, and a gymnasium, this is a wet water haven designed to immerse customers in the ultimate sensory experience. 

Richie drew from his extensive career in high-rise construction and residential developments whilst our boss lady CEO Remonda’s design prowess remains at the forefront. There’s not one single element of this entire renovation that Richie didn’t contribute his knowledge and expertise, from the initial 3D design to levels, formwork, steel, concrete, plumbing, lighting, carpentry/decking, facade, colour scheme, carpet, tile room, windows, skylights, and guttering. We honestly don’t know anyone with the skill and knowledge for ALL OF THAT! And to add, minimal contractors were used in the making of this epic showroom transformation. It was mostly in-house! 

Imagine how your custom pool would turn out with the amazing Richie behind the process. If you’re looking for a great design to suit your budget, backyard and lifestyle, we would love to work with you.  So give us a call and we’ll get Richie and the blue crew to create a masterpiece for you  

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