Our continued commitment to providing the most cost-effective concrete pool available in the market

January 16, 2023

Did you know?

A concrete pool typically costs $50,000 to $75,000 in Australia, but smaller pools, like those measuring 6m x 3m, could cost as much as $35,000 to $40,000. Meanwhile, larger pools can cost as much as $100,000.

But Australian households don’t have to worry about the staggering costs of concrete pools, because Sydney’s most innovative pool builder, Blue Haven Pools & Spas still delivers the most affordable concrete pool in the market. 

We offer affordable concrete pool packages and deals starting from $24,990. This is the price of their Vacant Block or Duplex package, which means enjoying a 7m x 3m custom-designed concrete pool shell built before the house for $24,990 and finishing the shell when the house is at the lock-up stage for $12,990. 

The BIG question is – how do we do this?  Here are the reasons why:


  • Everything under one roof 

Did you know that Blue Haven Pools & Spas remains one of the only few swimming pool companies that can help with designing through to getting council approval? We can help with the whole process, from permit preparation to drafting plans, to execution – all while making sure your dream project sticks to your prepared budget and time frame.

You might think the hardest part of building a pool is deciding to get one. Or maybe how to choose the design, layout, landscape, or type of pool. But honestly, even non-first-timers agree – there is more than meets the eye.

Just so you know, the process for getting a development application approved in NSW takes 40 pages. Even with the assistance of experts, the homeowner must put in a lot of effort to complete the DA process.

The waiting period is another factor that is challenging to manage. In NSW, nearly 60,000 development applications were approved between 2019 and 2020. Each DA had a three-month wait on average. The wait could be up to six months in some council areas, depending on the project’s complexity.

Given the typical waiting times and things to plan before building a pool, it’s critical to get the DA right on the first try; otherwise, the possibility of your dream home becoming a reality could become bogged down in bureaucracy for months.

And this is where Blue Haven Pools & Spas get into the picture.

Working with a dependable, experienced pool builder like Blue Haven Pools will assist with the entire procedure, from obtaining permits to creating plans to carrying them out.

Early process initiation is essential because there are aspects of the process that you cannot control, such as council assessment and approval times. If you get an early start, you can use the pool that summer rather than having to wait until the following one.

This is one of the key reasons why we deliver the most affordable concrete pool in the market while juggling all the other elements involved in the process. 



  • We train all of our skills in-house

Blue Haven has always prided itself in employing and training from the ground up. That’s right. Our apprentices and in-house crew follow a robust process and standard to make sure projects are built on time, on budget and on point. The result? The most stunning concrete pool without compromising our client’s budget and lifestyle.

We nurture a meritocratic environment, with reward systems in place for performance and results. Also, we make sure our employees are happy and secure in the workplace, by offering internal promotion opportunities and incentives in different forms, whilst fostering a vibrant work culture through supportive management. To top it off, our team believes in the power of Investing in training and development to help each member upskill, improve, and learn.


  • Our team is skilled and efficient

Imagine 100 years of combined experience, being 50 years in operation, with over 350 design awards and over 70,000 pools built – you know we’re not here to mess around. We’re not new to the pool industry game, and our most epic milestones can attest to that.

Since we train our employees from the group up, skills and efficiency just come naturally in our team, which is the main reason why we can meet deadlines and not go over the budget. Our lady boss CEO Remonda knows this from the get-go – she works with engineers, designers, and suppliers herself while reading plans, studying different pool concepts, and designing pools. Remonda knows every part of the business from lodging council applications, learning intricate pool concepts, and designing pools to working with builders, pool sales and after-care sales.

Led by Richie, our amazing Construction General Manager, there’s no doubt our apprenticeship mentoring program is successful enough that we are all assured of the highest quality, attention to detail, and capacity to handle the volume and we rarely need to rely on subcontractors. In fact, among the latest feats of Richie and the Blue Crew is the fruition of the Lansvale Centre of Excellence, our award-winning display centre and events space that offers endless possibilities with a world-class collection of designer concrete pools and thriving options for retail, fashion, entertainment, and dining in one dynamic location.


  • We maintain a strong connection and relationship with our loyal contractors and local suppliers

We have also maintained a strong relationship and connection with our dependable contractors and neighbourhood suppliers for more than 20 years; who, by the way, used to be Remonda’s playmates when she was younger. This enabled us to overcome and get around the COVID-19 pandemic-related obstacle in the building and construction industry. 

As you can see, this company is more to all of us than just a business. Our family considers Blue Haven to be a second home – and rest assured that we will take care of yours, too, ensuring that your dream pool comes to life.

Whether you’re building a brand-new house, renovating or redesigning your backyard, never underestimate the power of having a skilled and powerhouse pool builder by your side. If you are ready to start building your dream pool, contact us and let’s discuss your plans.


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