How to create a swimming pool space that is as individual as you are

April 1, 2016

Just like the indoor living spaces, outdoor entertaining areas should reflect a home owner’s personality and style. The same should also apply to your swimming pool area to ensure your poolside entertaining is as individual as you are.

Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Remonda Martinez says when planning your pool area it’s important for home owners to choose a style or theme that makes them feel totally comfortable and uplifted.
“A swimming pool is a place to unwind and relax or enjoy the sunshine with family and friends so you want the space to reflect you as much as possible and the things that are important to you,” Ms Martinez says.
Remonda suggests home-owners scrapbook their ideas or create a mood board.
“The more ideas and images that they are able to provide the designers, the easier it is for the designers to meet their expectations and vision,” she says.
“It also allows them to incorporate practical elements which fit in with the clients’ style and requirements.
“Give them as many ideas and as many of your likes and dislikes you possibly can. If you like a certain colour shade – let them know. If you are into Japanese architecture tell them – you never know what they might be able to come up with.”
A well-designed pool area will also maximise the value of the entire home. The right use of the space, as well as the inclusion of unique design elements and features will add to the overall desire of the home and will in turn add value.

It’s also important to take into account the surrounding aspect, vistas and environment. There probably would be no point in adding an infinity edge pool to a space that is overlooking a brick wall, just as a swimming pool hidden behind a brick wall is probably not suited to a space that enjoys sweeping ocean or water views.

For more ideas on how to create the perfect swimming pool space contact Blue Haven Pools on 13 20 25.

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