Hot weather and humidity and how it can wreck havoc on your pool

March 30, 2016

While soaring temperatures can make nothing seem more appealing than a dip in your backyard pool, the hot and humid air can also cause problems for your water quality.

Remonda Martinez Managing Director of Blue Haven Pools cautions pool users to be aware of the extra attention pools require in the warmer months.

“While there’s nothing better than a swim in your very own pool on a scorching day to cool off, it is important to understand that the extra use, coupled with the warmer weather, means you need to pay more attention than usual to your water quality,” Ms Martinez says.

“UV exposure throughout the days and weeks, can actually burn off the chlorine, making your pool water more susceptible to the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.”

Bathers unwittingly add a range of contaminates to the water such as sweat, naturally occurring body oils and sun cream that affect the PH of the water.
Here are a few handy tips for keeping your pool healthy and clean over the heavy-use period:
1. Ensure your filter and pump are maintained well and in good working order.
2. Check the PH level of the pool frequently and adjust accordingly.
3. Vacuum and sweep the pool regularly.
4. Book a specialist to come give your pool a check up before and after heavy-use time.
By following these easy tips, you can ensure you are swimming all year round in a clear and healthy pool.

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