Swimming pool renovations – How resurfacing can extend the life of your pool

April 8, 2016


Renovating your pool can breathe much needed life into the most dated of backyards. Not only does renovating change the look and feel of your outdoor spaces, it can also dramatically extend the life of your pool.

Renovating your pool is a great choice if you have bought a fixer-upper or have grown tired of the dated look of your pool and it just doesn’t fit into the overall landscape design.
Once you have decided to renovate your pool, the next choice is how you will resurface it.

Will you use tiles? Paint? Pebblecrete? Or Quartzon?

Each option comes with pros and cons so it’s important you weigh these us against the needs of your family.

While tile gives you a more premium finish, it also comes with a premium price tag, and while painting the shell may be a cost effective option, it won’t last as long as the other options.

Renovating your pool will also extend the life of your pool, as the surface acts as a waterproofing coating which protects the shell. The new surface will also improve the quality of your water, as the new surface will ensure all the chemicals stay put in the water where they belong.

Pool renovations can be a really clever and cost-effective way to turn a backyard pool from a dated eyesore to a modern work of art you are proud to entertain around.

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