Upgrade Your Pool with Enviro Smart: Get Ready for a Greener and Smarter Pool Experience!

December 1, 2023

The backyard swimming pool has always been a great advantage of living in Australia. Our climate is excellent for enjoying some fun in the sun, and many Australians want to enjoy a dip in their own backyard. However, the majority of swimming pools require chemicals such as chlorine and algaecides to keep them clean. They can also come with pretty high operating costs. But not the Enviro Smart mineral pool.

The Enviro Smart is designed to save up to 12,000 litres of water consumption each year and reduce energy costs by up to 85%. But let’s not forget the best part. You get a pool filled with clean, natural, relaxing mineral water to enjoy every day of the year.

You don’t always need a brand-new pool to enjoy these benefits, though. You can convert most swimming pools into an Enviro Smart, and this article is going to show you how.


What is the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool?

The Enviro Smart mineral pool uses natural minerals in the water rather than chemicals such as chlorine and algaecides. Not only that, but it’s far more cost-effective to run and better for the planet. You also get the benefit of clean, natural, refreshing mineral water to soak in, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Blue Haven builds Enviro Smart mineral pools from scratch, but we can also convert existing swimming pools. For a natural experience that saves you money long-term, it’s hard to go past Enviro Smart.


Enviro Smart benefits

There is no doubt that Enviro Smart mineral pools offer excellent value in the long term. Of course, there is an upfront cost for installation or conversion, but once that’s done. You can watch the savings pile up. Having a pool isn’t all about money, though. It’s about relaxation and having a clean, safe place to beat the heat in summer. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of the Enviro Smart mineral pool.


Reduced water consumption

Sand filter backwashing generally leads to a lot of wasted water. However, the high-quality Enviro Smart filter reduces this cost by around 80%. Not only do these filters come with microban technology to reduce bacteria buildup, but they also save up to 12,000 litres of water every single year. That’s a lot of good for the environment and even more for your wallet. In essence, it’s almost like a double benefit. Less wastewater is being flushed away, and less clean water is required to top up the pool. That’s a win on both sides.


Lower operating costs

While you’ll naturally experience lower operating costs thanks to the reduced water usage, Enviro Smart goes a step further. Most single-speed pool pumps operate at 1.5hp and are costly to run. You can’t change the speed, so you just have to accept the amount of power your pump uses. Thankfully, the Enviro Smart pump works much more efficiently and gives you more control.

You can change your pump’s speed, reducing the flow rate. You can save up to 85% of ongoing energy costs by halving your pump’s speed and flow rate. We’ve estimated that the Enciro Smart pump can save you around $800 each year in energy costs alone.


No chemicals

One of the biggest complaints about household swimming pools is the chlorine. It’s not particularly pleasant for users, as it can sting the eyes and irritate the skin. It’s also a hassle for pool owners who need to constantly check water and chemical levels. Chlorine and algaecides serve a valuable purpose, keeping your pool clean and germ-free, but most people would love to avoid chemicals if they can.

The Enviro Smart mineral pool is completely free from algaecides and chlorine. All you need to add to the water are your minerals. The minerals, in conjunction with your pool filter and any other cleaning equipment, help keep your pool clean so you don’t have to worry about chemicals ever again.


Better for the environment

We’ve already touched on the amount of wastewater you can save with Enviro Smart. The financial benefit is great but equally impressive is the fact that it’s far better for the environment. The water leaving your pool for wastewater treatment is full of chemicals. It needs to be replaced with clean water, neither of which is good for our planet.

So, saving up to 12,000 litres of wastewater is certainly an environmental tick, as is reducing energy consumption by up to 85%. You can’t find much better than the Enviro Smart mineral pool for an eco-friendly solution to your backyard swimming needs.


Relaxing, natural water

This may be a little difficult to imagine if you’ve never immersed yourself in a mineral pool. But the relaxation effect is amazing. The minerals are all natural, leaving you with clearer skin, reduced stress levels and a feeling of total relaxation. Compare that with chlorine pools that irritate your skin and leave it feeling dry, and you can see why so many people are turning to mineral swimming pools.


Preparing your pool for an upgrade

Most household swimming pools can be converted into an EnviroSmart mineral pool. While this somewhat oversimplifies the process, you only need to drain and clean the pool, replacing it with fresh water and the appropriate minerals. Then, you’ll need to remove the existing pump and filters and replace them with an Enviro Smart pump.

So, it sounds quite simple in theory, but let’s drill down a little more into these steps.


Draining your pool

If you’ve owned your pool for a while, likely, you’ve already done this at least once. Draining the pool is time-consuming, but it has to be done. This helps to remove the previous water, which was probably full of chemicals such as chlorine and algaecides. So, if you want the experience of completely chemical-free mineral water, the old water has to go.

If you’re unfamiliar with this process, contacting your trusted local pool professionals is best. They can drain your pool with minimal fuss, and they will also ensure no mishaps occur while emptying. They can also probably help with our next step – cleaning the pool.


Pool cleaning and repairs

Depending on the age and condition of your existing pool, you’ll need to at least give it a thorough clean. You may also need to do any necessary repairs. Of course, repairs aren’t essential if you have minor issues such as cracked tiles, and they’ve never bothered you before. But if you’ve gone to the effort of draining the pool, there’s no better time to fix a few things before re-filling it.

Importantly, the task you don’t want to forget is cleaning the pool. Remember, it’s been full of chemical-laden pool water for as long as you can remember. So, even when you drain the pool, it’s likely there are at least trace elements of chlorine and algaecides on the walls and floor. Scrubbing and vacuuming the pool thoroughly is important, and again, it’s the perfect time to do it when the pool is empty. This ensures your new mineral pool is free from contaminants.


Installing pumps and filters

Enviro Smart pumps and filters aren’t like every other product on the market. Rather, they are specifically designed to save water and operating costs. Unless you’re a pool maintenance expert, removing the old pump and filter and replacing them with new ones is a pretty difficult task. This is why your pool experts can handle the difficult tasks for you.

However, let’s explain why these items are so crucial.

Firstly, you can adjust the speed and flow rate of the Enviro Smart water pump. Compared with conventional single-speed pumps, this can massively reduce your energy consumption by up to 85%. The savings can add up to around $800 each year.

Secondly, Envirosmart filters are also more economical and effective. The large cartridge filter features microban technology that reduces bacteria and germs from building up on the filter element. You’ll still need to clean them regularly, but these filters are specifically designed for the Enviro Smart mineral pool.


Adding water and minerals

Once your equipment is set up correctly, it’s time to re-fill the pool and add your minerals. You can buy minerals from your pool retailer, and they come with clear instructions for how much to mix in. If you have any problems with this, please contact your pool retailer.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to enjoy your new Enviro Smart mineral pool.


Want to find out more about the Enviro Smart Mineral pool?

Whether you’ve got an existing pool you’d like to convert or you want a brand-new swimming pool for your home, Blue Haven is here to help. We’ve got decades of experience helping Australian homeowners enjoy the benefits of backyard swimming pools. We offer a huge range of styles and can custom-design pools to suit your needs and available space. The Enviro Smart mineral pool is a game-changer, offering relaxing, natural minerals to swim in rather than stinging chemicals. Plus, it’s great for the environment and your back pocket. To find out more, contact the team at Blue Haven today.

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