Building Your Dream Home on an Empty Lot or Duplex? Don’t Forget About the Pool!

November 8, 2023

When planning to build a new home, you have a blank canvas to work with, making it the ideal and most convenient moment to plan and install a swimming pool. At Blue Haven, we create custom swimming pool designs tailored to a wide range of homes. We have a knack for uncovering the possibilities, even in situations where you might believe there’s insufficient space for a pool. In this article, we’ll look at the multiple benefits of having your own swimming pool and the different types of pools you might consider.

So, with pun intended, let’s dive in!


Benefits of a swimming pool

The weather in Australia is highly compatible with pool ownership, with some parts of the country experiencing warm weather all year round. As a result, many people have their own backyard swimming pools as a way to beat the summer heat. But a swimming pool delivers far more benefits than just being a way to cool down in summer.


Great entertainment for kids

Swimming has been part of the Australian way of life for a long time, whether it’s in a backyard pool, the local public pool or at the hundreds of lakes and beaches around the country. Kids love playing in swimming pools, and being able to learn water safety in the comfort of their own home with adult supervision is a great place to start.

In addition, children will love inviting their friends over to play in the pool on a hot day, which is a great way to keep them entertained, out of the house and off their devices. Naturally, you need to follow strict safety guidelines when children are in the pool, and parental supervision is a must, regardless of age. 


Beat the heat

The summer sun can be scorching in parts of Australia, and there’s no better way to escape the heat than by jumping into your backyard pool. Whether you want to swim some laps, float around on some inflatable pool equipment or simply have a dip and then lounge by the poolside, you won’t be stuck sweating it out if you have a pool.

The great thing is, you don’t need an enormous pool. If you don’t have a lot of space, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a smaller plunge pool, lap pool or even just a spa. With our custom designs, though, we’re confident that we can incorporate a pool into most home designs.


Invite friends around

Pools are a great gathering place, especially if you incorporate it into a beautiful outdoor entertaining area. While still adhering to pool fencing and safety guidelines, you can design your outdoor area to include shaded areas, cooking facilities, tables, chairs and the family pool.

Whether you just want to relax with friends and beat the hot on a hot day or organise a pool party, the choice is yours. A backyard pool gives you so much more scope for entertaining, and best of all, the party always comes to you!


Increase your fitness

Pools aren’t just about relaxing and escaping the hot weather. Swimming can also become an important part of your fitness regime. As a low-impact exercise, swimming is a great choice for people of all ages and can improve cardiovascular fitness. Some people even enjoy cold-water swimming in winter for all of its health benefits.

Whether you have a large pool or a space-friendly lap pool, there’s always a chance to have a daily swim and get your heart rate going. Even if you have mobility issues, pools are a great place for walking and other forms of gentle exercise to maintain your health and fitness.


Increase house value

The reality is that a home with a swimming pool will be worth more than an identical home without one. People in Australia love backyard pools, and there is even a sense of luxury attached to owning one. Naturally, you wouldn’t install a swimming pool purely to increase your home’s value, but it’s certainly a handy side-effect of pool ownership.

In parts of Australia where the weather is pleasant for most of the year, swimming pools are a massively popular feature in the housing market. So, when it comes time to sell, not only can you expect the house to fetch a better price, but you may even get a faster sale because homes with pools are in shorter supply.


Your personal relaxation sanctuary

Finally, let’s not forget about the relaxation factor. Pools are great for parties, exercise and fun in the sun for the kids. But what if you just want a nice place to relax? Planning your swimming pool as part of your house design ensures it becomes a personal sanctuary. Include some shade, chairs, and maybe even a tanning ledge in the pool for relaxing in shallow water.

There are so many different ways to turn your outdoor spaces into a private relaxation area, and working with the team at Blue Haven is the best way to get the pool that’s perfect for your needs.


Types of swimming pools to consider

Here at Blue Haven, we customise swimming pools to suit your needs. We offer a range of different solutions depending on your budget, needs and available space. Let’s check out some of the popular choices available.


Mineral pools

Our EnviroSmart Mineral Pool is absolutely perfect for those who want the benefits of a backyard pool without the chemicals. Most swimming pools require chlorine and algaecide, but not our mineral pools. Everything is natural, so you get the therapeutic benefits of floating in calming, relaxing water and forget the stress of pool cleaning and balancing chemical levels.

The other major benefit of our mineral pools is the fact that they reduce water waste by around 80%. In turn, this also reduces your running costs by about 80%, too. Don’t worry, the EnviroSmart Mineral Pool is perfectly safe, clean and pure to swim in. In fact, it might be the most invigorating and cleansing pool experience you’ll ever have.


Inground concrete pools

The inground swimming pool is perhaps the most common type in Australia. Our concrete inground pools can be designed in any style, shape and size to suit your needs. The best thing about inground swimming pools for new house builds is the flexibility of design. Wherever you have space, we can build the pool. Forget about simple square or rectangular designs, too. If you’ve got a complex layout that requires a differently-shaped pool, our team can make it happen.


Plunge pools

If your dream home isn’t on an expansive lot but a smaller plot of land, you can still enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. Plunge pools are typically smaller than the average household pool, meaning they can fit into even the smallest backyards or courtyards.

Plunge pools are ideal for smaller homes, especially duplexes, villas or small blocks of land. There’s an element of luxury that comes with a plunge pool, too. Rather than being a play area for young kids, plunge pools are typically popular among singles and professional couples who enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool without the maintenance and space requirements of a larger pool.


Lap pools

When building a new home, you can have a lot of fun incorporating a lap pool into the design. While lap pools are pretty long, they typically aren’t very wide, making them the perfect option where the design of your house or outdoor space is somewhat complicated. However, some people prefer their lap pool to be the major focal point that the rest of their home is built around. Whatever your situation, you’ll love having a beautiful lap pool right in your backyard.

Lap pools are luxurious, but they’re also a healthy pool option because they encourage regular exercise. So, if you want to stay fit and healthy while enjoying some luxury at home, lap pools are right up your alley.


Out-of-ground pools

Finally, another popular pool option in Australia is an out-of-ground or above-ground pool. Depending on your needs and design preference, these pools can be semi-in-ground or completely out of the ground. They’ll typically be made from fibreglass or pre-cast concrete, allowing you a lot of flexibility in style, shape and size. When dealing with sloping or complex blocks, this style of pool can also be the most cost-effective to install.


Ready to plan your swimming pool installation?

If you’re building a new home, it doesn’t matter what type of block you build on. Blue Haven are the experts in creating custom swimming pools to meet your budget and bend seamlessly with your house design. We’re more than happy to work closely with builders and architects to ensure your choice of swimming pool is incorporated into your home designs.

If you’d like to know more about our pool and spa range, simply contact our friendly team today. Blue Haven is your first choice for luxury swimming pool designs, and you’ll quickly discover why so many people choose us for their professional swimming pool design and installation.

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