Top Considerations for Designing Your Ideal Concrete Pool

September 15, 2021

A swimming pool is likely to be one of the most valuable personal investments you will ever put in your home and when it comes to installing one, choosing between concrete or fibreglass is often the most common dilemma of property owners. 

The truth is there’s really no winner between the two and everything just depends on which will suit your needs better. Homeowners who prioritise the design and overall look of the pool usually go with concrete because it is highly customisable.

Whilst requiring more time to install with the average completion time being 3 to 6 months whilst fibreglass is 3 to 6 weeks, concrete pools give you complete control to build your dream pool to life from the look and shape to colour and custom additions like ledges. Concrete is also the way to go if you have your heart set on natural poolscape and using waterline tiles. 

Whilst a concrete pool may cost more to install upfront, it can last for decades for you and your family to enjoy with regular maintenance, cleaning, and resurfacing.

Sydney’s largest and oldest pool builder Blue Haven is the first company in the world to sell concrete pools online and recently, our boss lady CEO Remonda was interviewed about Blue Haven’s process of building and designing concrete pools. This was what she had to say:

My process begins with creating several carefully tailored pool packages which I promote online. The pricing is set up to highlight exactly what’s needed for a standard site.  I like this kind of introduction so people can take control of their pool buying experience. Finding out if the block is standard or not is where I need to next interview the client, mostly on the phone and via our online property quiz. Some people also like to submit mood boards, their favourite pics or around our website projects. I then understand and find out their brief then discuss the applications required to achieve the desired outcome. A price guide is given and then pre-construction services are agreed, so we could move on to an architectural visit to the site, engineering and local government compliance.  Depending on the stage of the client’s project it could also include a selection of filtration, interior lining, tiles, lighting, then all furniture and greenery. I can help with as much, or as little as required.

In that interview, Remonda also shared a few tips and tricks when designing concrete pools. 


As the size of your pool will depend on your available space, you and your builder should work collaboratively to determine the dimensions of the space you have. Choosing to work around the natural slope of your land can also save you coin but that should not compromise functionality and aesthetics. 

Other considerations when determining the size include: 

  • The number of intended pool users and the primary purpose of the pool
  • A space for patio – if you have visions of grilling out on the weekends around the pool, or
  • If there are spaces left in your lot for outdoor activities once the pool has been installed


Integration is key

When designing a concrete pool, another key pillar Remonda considers is how it will tie into the overall living area of the backyard and landscape.

Your concrete pool should blend well into the architecture of your home. The goal is to make it look like a fully integrated feature and not an afterthought.

This is why thousands of our clients love our Vacant Block PackageNot only does it save you $15,000, but it also allows you to enjoy full access to your block from the beginning. Through this order, you can plan according to your wishes without compromises and limitations. You can excavate, prepare the shell, and accomplish electrical work without any obstruction. You can choose the amount of space to dedicate, type of pool, location, and other details from the biggest down to the tiniest, which every homeowner deserves. 

With a growing number of Australians embracing simpler and smaller pools, Remonda recommends adding a good water feature to make your pool even more exciting. Indulge in the ultimate water on water experience whenever you want!

“As pools seem to be getting smaller and more simplistic like a perfect rectangle, I love a good water feature.  It brings along the height and finishes in lovely stone, tiles or render. With the addition of a waterfall blade there is also moving water, sound and colour with dazzling strip light,” Remonda said.



With a growing number of businesses selling sustainable pool products, the process of incorporating sustainability in pool construction is now a whole lot easier compared to before. 

In fact, Blue Haven is a pioneer of a pool pump that can save you approximately $800 in power, 12,000 litres of water and 80% less in pool operational costs annually. It features state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees the purest mineral water possible all day long, helps the environment, and reduces maintenance costs. 

The great news is you are not obligated to choose Blue Haven as your builder to purchase this technology. You can also purchase this to replace your existing pool filtering system.



A typical concrete pool usually ranges between $35,000 to $100,000 upfront but there are pool builders who offer great deals in the market.

At Blue Haven, we offer a variety of epic pool package deals you can choose from, which generally lets you enjoy unbelievably good prices, the pleasure of knowing everything has been taken care of, and a range of incredibly tailored bonus inclusions. What’s more is that you can reserve any of them for only $349. 

Our newest pool deal, the Stay at Home Sale, offers you a custom-designed concrete pool for only $27,990. Some of its other features and benefits include: 

  • 6m x 3m x 1 – 1.6m depth

  • Extra-large cartridge filter (lower maintenance)

  • Heating provisions

  • Pebble Interior lining

Pro Tip: To ensure you stay within your budget and avoid any surprise bills, be sure to confirm all costs upfront and crosscheck estimates from several reputable contractors. That way, you’ll be able to determine if a pool is financially feasible for you and confirm that you’re getting the best deal.


Unexpected costs or setbacks can occur in any building project, and pool construction is no exception. If you want your pool to be the best hangout spot for your friends and family, then it’s crucial that you hire a reputable pool builder. One thing you can do is ask for referrals from colleagues who own pools or search the web for the top pool builders around your area and look into their customer testimonials.

Blue Haven has spent close to 50 years building pools for families across Sydney with over 100 years of combined experience and 350 industry design awards.  We guarantee excellence in every aspect of concrete pool construction, from innovation and design to quality and functionality. You deserve the right builder by your side, helping you make the best choices from day one.

If you’d like to learn more about our concrete pool package deals, just click here.

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