Mineral Pools VS Chlorine Pools

February 25, 2021

Chlorine has been the standard in pool sanitation for many years. However, with the common complaints about its harsh effects like skin irritation, eye itchiness, and hair damage whilst requiring high maintenance, it eventually generated a great need for alternative pool sanitation systems. This led to the innovation of saltwater pools and mineral pools.

Saltwater pools are not 100% free of chlorine. When the salt interacts with the chlorinator, it produces lower doses of chlorine, minimising the drawbacks of the element on health and wellness. Basically, in a saltwater pool, you are making your own chlorine instead of buying packs or buckets of it. Saltwater pools are also easier to maintain as compared to chlorine pools.

Whilst it appears like a saltwater pool is the best option, it comes with a problem. Salt is corrosive. Eventually, it will damage your handrails, ladders, patio furniture, and other valuable metal components in and surrounding your pool area. Nonetheless, you can slow down this inevitable process with a sacrificial anode, which is basically a zinc device. If you must know, zinc is a metal that gives up its ions faster than other metals. Usually, the sacrificial anode lasts for approximately 3 years.

Mineral pools

A mineral pool is an innovation derived from a saltwater pool. The key difference between the two is instead of adding salt to the generator, you are adding minerals. Typically, the minerals are magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride.

A mineral pool reduces the need for chlorine by approximately 50%. It also requires minimal maintenance with a recurring expense of replacing mineral cartridge filters every season usually.

With mineral-rich water, you reap a wide range of health, beauty, and wellness advantages whilst demonstrating minimal effort in terms of maintenance. It’s pretty much like having your own day spa within the comforts of your home. Start your day with a clear frame of mind or recharge your soul after a day’s work. The choice is in your hands.

Mineral vs Saltwater vs Chlorine Pool Chart

Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology

Always in relentless pursuit of excellence, Remonda and the rest of Blue Haven have pioneered the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology over 10 years ago, taking the mineral pool to another level and accelerating pool sanitation and filtering technology. This revolutionary technology features state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees the purest mineral water possible all day long, helps the environment, and reduces maintenance costs.

Fact: Through the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology, you can save approximately $800 in power, 12,000 liters of water, and 80% less in pool operational costs annually.

The Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology is a patent technology, which is exclusive to Blue Haven clients. Blue Haven is the first and primary supplier of this incredible technology, which has set the bar for pool sanitation higher across the pool industry worldwide.

The great news is you are not obligated to choose Blue Haven as your builder to purchase this technology. You can also purchase this to replace your existing pool filtering system.

As a legacy brand with over 50 years of experience and a true icon of the pool industry, Blue Haven is more than happy to help Australian families achieve the ultimate pool experience with guaranteed safe, clean, and crystal clear water.

Benefits of the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology

Health & Wellness

  • A day spa within the comforts of your home. A mineral pool enhances skin elasticity and evokes a great sense of wellness, redefining rejuvenation.
  • Removes the classic “pool smell”. You no longer need to endure the intense odour of chlorine, which can be bad for your lungs. One study in 2003 discovered that children who regularly swim in an indoor chlorine pool are more prone to developing asthma and lung inflammation.
  • Easiest to the skin, eyes, and hair. The minerals in mineral pools help moisturise the skin, eliminate eye irritation, and promote hair follicle growth, particularly magnesium.
  • Guaranteed ultra-clean water. With the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology, the mineral water goes through state-of-the-art technology and system, ensuring safe, clean, and crystal clear water. Scroll down below to see how it specifically works.

Environmental & Financial

  • Reduces power consumption despite uninterrupted use. The pump alone saves you around $800 a year on power.
  • Decreases pool operating costs by up to 80%. The cartridge element of the second filter doesn’t need to be hosed out as much, saving up to 12,000 liters of water annually in backwashing. You also don’t need to replace the cartridge as much with a pre-filter extending its life by removing so much debris and Biofilm as possible. A mineral pool also means eliminating the need to add chlorine, clarifiers, and algaecides.
  • Kind on pool components and bathing suits. Unlike in saltwater systems, you don’t need to worry about the corrosive nature of salt and its effects on pool surfaces, clothing, and concrete. You don’t need to buy a sacrificial anode to slow down the corrosion process nor replace materials in the future, saving on additional expenses.
  • Easy to maintain. Our Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology features pre-calibrated filters that self-operate without requiring any action on your part. Basically, it’s a plug-and-play pool solution that saves you a lot of time on maintenance. Additionally, mineral cartridge filters are cheaper than chlorinators but usually need replacement every season. Chlorinators, on the other hand, can last 4 to 5 years but need frequent cleaning.


How does the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology work

Blue Haven Envirosmart Mineral Pool Diagram

  1. The energy-saving pump pulls the water from your swimming pool. It runs for 24 hours at a low speed, regenerating your water all day long. Believe it or not, it saves you $800 a year on power despite uninterrupted use.
  2. The water goes to the pre-filter, which is a cyclonic pre-cleansing system that eliminates massive amounts of debris and Biofilm from the water, achieving the purest level possible.
  3. The water then goes to a second filter, which is a micro ban technology extra-large filter that further sanitises the water. The cartridge element doesn’t need to be hosed out as much because it’s extra-large. Additionally, as the pre-filter already does most of the job, the second filter pretty much acts like an additional measure for maximum water cleanliness. With the pre-filter, the life of the second filter naturally extends. Indeed, this is filtration technology taken to the next level. Overall, the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology saves you 12,000 liters of water annually in backwashing.
  4. Finally, the water goes to an automated PH controller that tests water alkalinity and acid with probes and self-adjusts the levels accordingly before releasing it to the pool, requiring zero action on your part.
  5. Guaranteed safe, clean, and crystal clear swimming pool round the clock, setting the benchmark for pool sanitation and maintenance.

If you would like to purchase our Enviro Smart Mineral Pool technology, contact us today.


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