Dreaming of a Pool? Here’s How to Know if Your Backyard Is Actually Suitable

September 3, 2023

So, you’ve got your heart set on a glistening pool for your backyard? We applaud your excellent taste! But you’re also wondering – and rightly so – is your backyard really ready to dive into this adventure? Let’s explore this together, so you can make an informed splash.


Assessing Your Backyard

Relax, most backyards are ready to host that pool you’ve been dreaming of. That’s why our specially crafted pool package deals start at just $21,990. A standard site should easily accommodate an excavator to dig your pool, assuming you have a minimum of 2.5m x 2.5m access space. 

If access is limited, you might need to consider the use of mini excavators or hand excavation. This could lead to an additional expense, typically ranging from $7,000 to $20,000. Get a few quotes on this before you dive in headfirst. Not many operators specialise in this in NSW, but guess what? We’ve got your back. If you’re seeking no-fuss options, we’ve pioneered swim spa solutions that can be craned in without the need for excavation. This might be a more economical choice if you’re concerned about costs of mini digs. Head over to our swim spa range for inspiration!

Assessing Your Backyard With Swim Spa Solution

Our swim spas or portable spas are fantastic solutions for challenging sites, quick to install, and you can even take your portable spa with you if you’re renting! If your site has limited access or is sloping or rocky, above ground pools might be a suitable option. They can be assembled on site in as little as two days and can look as stunning as any in-ground pool with some clever decking designs.

Plan for power requirements. The larger spas may need 3-phase power, which you’ll need to plan for. If your spa needs to be craned into position, watch out for power lines and big trees that might be in the way. We’ve created options specifically designed to work with limited access, making your dream pool or spa an achievable reality.

Tip: The site access is crucial when planning for a pool. It can help keep your costs down and streamline the entire process. Make sure to measure your access before meeting with our pool designer. Dive deeper into these 5 things to plan before building a pool to find out what most people fail to plan for (and some builders will never tell you).

  • The Lay of Your Land

Let’s get down to earth. If your site is flat, you’re swimming in luck! Sloping blocks may require additional work, such as levelling the land or structurally raising the pool. A laser level could be a helpful tool to check the slope of your site – it’s a lifesaver, especially if you struggle to hang a picture straight on your wall!

  • Soil Type

Clay is your best buddy for pool construction. Meanwhile, sand, fill, or rock might adjust your budget. In situations where the entire pool is built on sand or rock, this could lead to an additional cost of $6,000 to $15,000.

  • Sewer Line

If you have a sewer line running adjacent or under the desired pool location, prepare for additional costs for piering, diversion, or encasement. Request a Peg Out from Sydney Water for a precise quote, which will help in avoiding unexpected changes down the road.


Beyond the Basics – Dreaming Big

Remember, trees, retaining walls, and other structures can affect the suitability of your site. Council fees and additional reports they might request, including geotechnical reports, flood studies, or survey plans, should also be taken into account. Understanding all these requirements will empower you to make an informed decision.

When you’ve sorted the basics, it’s time to let your pool fantasies run wild. Think beyond the pool basin: imagine the perfect finish, ambient lighting, and innovative sanitisation systems. Maybe you fancy a slippery dip or a feature wall? How about swim jets, waterline tiles, or even Wi-Fi access to control your equipment?

Tip: Planning for potential additional costs is always a good idea. Blue Haven Pools focuses on delivering value, ensuring you can allocate your budget towards achieving the perfect finishes and landscaping. Dive into our blog about the Truth About Pool Construction Costs to be well-prepared. 

Building a pool in your backyard, no matter its size or condition, is doable. The key is having the right pool builder by your side, one who understands the Australian climate, council regulations, and can offer innovative solutions for challenging spaces. With some planning, your dream backyard oasis is closer than you think.

Our team is here to guide you through the pool-building process, ensuring you’re well-informed and confident about your choice. Ready to make waves in your own pool? Dive in today!

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