After Pool Hair Care

April 6, 2017

Heat, salt water and chlorine go hand in hand with summer. While all synonymous with fun this combination can take its toll on your hair. So how do you enjoy days by the swimming pool and still have luscious locks?

Follow these tips to avoid damaged hair:

  1.    Air dry your tresses. Why add more heat to hair by blow drying or straightening it? After swimming in the pool wash your hair and comb through a leave in moisturiser or conditioner. Style with product as normal but leave the heat for the winter months.
  2.  Nourish your hair. Summer is the time to be diligent with treatments and moisture rich products. There is an abundance of products on the market that work overtime to repair sun damaged hair.
  3.  Wear a swimming cap. Sure, you might feel like your grandmother donning a rubber cap for your head, but add a retro twist to your swim and protect your hair at the same time!
  4.  Protect your colour. The sun can fade your hair colour so to prolong the life of your hair colour slap on a hat.
  5.    Blondes beware. While the old adage may boldly state that blondes have more fun, they don’t when it comes to chlorine. Chlorine can turn lighter hair colours a tinge of green. One surprising way to treat this problem can be found in the kitchen pantry. Rinse the hair out and apply tomato sauce to the green tinged hair. Leave it on for between ten to twenty minutes depending on the depth of the green colour and then rinse out and shampoo and condition as normal.

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