Outdoor Kitchen Trends

April 3, 2017


Outdoor kitchens are arguably one of the hottest design trends in home improvement right now. Inspired by the home integration movement, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to bring the indoors outside. Aussies love an al fresco lifestyle and pool owners are increasingly investing in outdoor kitchen settings to extend and enhance the use of their pool and outdoor entertaining areas.

By installing an all-weather outdoor kitchen system, it enables homeowners more time to spend entertaining outdoors socialising with their guests instead of getting stuck in a hot kitchen away from all the action.

Kitchen manufacturers have responded to the increasing demand for materials that are durable enough to withstand the elements, but still packed full of features that any self-respecting chef would require.

From pre-fabricated barbecues to fully customised cooktops and preparation areas, this new breed of outdoor kitchen is transforming the way we entertain at home and around the pool deck.

To help you with your alfresco entertaining needs, Blue Haven can supply and install the ultimate outdoor kitchen to compliment your swimming pool and outdoor entertaining area. Featuring six burner barbecue, storage compartments, sink, tap, chopping area and fridge, the outdoor kitchen includes everything you need for the perfect night out while still staying in.

Finished in high-quality stucco spray stone the outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to any pool or entertaining area. Priced at $5990 (not including water, gas or electrical) the kitchen is perfectly priced so that you can complete your alfresco living.

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Here are a few tips to help you create a stylish outdoor kitchen:

Design factors

Do you have space for a fully equipped kitchen or just a small grill? Do you and your family entertain regularly or do you only plan to use your outdoor kitchen on special occasions? When it comes to seating styles, do you prefer stools or dining chairs? Like with any design or renovation project research is key – map it all out before you invest in anything.

Durable materials

Ideally, you need to select sturdy and durable materials that can stand up to harsh weather and the elements. Your outdoor kitchen needs to withstand wind, rain and salt spray if you live near the beach. Consider using ceramic tile, granite, marble, slate and other natural stones for your countertops, and marine-grade stainless steel for the structure.

Cleaning and maintenance

Regularly maintaining your outdoor kitchen will protect your investment and ensure it stays looking good for years to come.

Outdoor lighting

Just as it does in and around the swimming pool, lighting can significantly influence the ambience of your outdoor kitchen, in both a practical way, but also to give it an appealing aesthetic look. There are many types of lighting to choose from including uplights, downlights, LEDs and solar lights that can be charged during the day and turn on automatically at night.


Not only will a shade system protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements, it will also create a more comfortable space for guests.

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