Pool Buyers Guide – Part 3

April 23, 2017

What Sort Of Pool Should I Go For?

Concrete vs Fibreglass…..

If I got a dollar every time I was asked about the difference between concrete and fibreglass I’d be a billionaire!

So here’s a little something I prepared earlier…..

Fibreglass is smooth, already blue and quick to install.

Concrete has infinite design possibilities to suit your property, architecture and landscaping. Designs easily incorporate features that are difficult or impossible for other pool styles such as mid-deep (semi-inground) pools, wading areas, deep diving areas, seats, swim-outs, rockeries, level deck and vanishing edges. A concrete pool is a permanent investment but one that can easily be refashioned without removal of the structure.

They basically cost the same and in most cases, a fibreglass pool will end up costing more especially with the use of cranes, extended concrete bond beams and upgraded colour gelcoats.

Concrete pools seem to add more value to your property at point of sale. A little bit fancier shall we say.


Vinyl Lined Pools, Swim Spas and Portable Spas

There are no fuss options like spas and swim spas which virtually sit on top of a hard surface and plug into power. The bigger spas may need 3-phase power which is important to plan for.

If you don’t have trolley access for the spa to be placed in position, you will need a crane. Check for power lines and big trees that may be in the way.

Spas are great if you’re renting. You can take it with you when it’s time to hit the road.

You can see our selection online www.bluehavenspas.com.au

Vinyl Lined pools, also known as aboveground pools, are ideal for sloping blocks, rock sites and limited access. They literally come in a box and area assembled on site. They can be erected in as little as 2 days and you can make them look like an inground masterpiece with clever decking designs…. These pools remain popular throughout the Sutherland shire and the northern suburbs of Sydney because of the natural ground slopes and landscape.


Swim up bars, heating, lighting… would you like fries with that?

Once you’ve decided on your favourite pool type and know the structural costs to achieve it, then you can design it to make your pool feel special……….  Apart from a good looking design and internal features, raised spas, wet edge tanks, glass panel walls….. You can choose from a huge range of accessories:

Filter, pumps, chlorinators, cleaners, lighting, manmade rockery, waterfalls, feature walls, waterline tiles, sheer decent water blades, fancy interiors, coloured textured glass beading, crushed quartz lining, fully tiled, retaining walls, decking, fencing, swim up bars, building island, jetty bridges, beach areas, shade sail, day beds, swim jets, bubble jets, hand rails, sports accessories, solar or gas heating, heat pumps, pool covers, hard cover rollers, enclosures…….


I’ve heard some great deals on the radio and TV.  Will my site qualify?

We offer a free on-site consultation for you to see if you qualify. Alternatively, you can send us photos of access, house plans, accurate elevations and desired pool height to promo@bluehaven.com.au

Standard pool package inclusions are:

  • The average size pool is 7mx 3m and is 1 – 1.6m deep.
  • Plans and engineer specification for submission to local council
  • Excavation (clear 2.5m access width and height)
  • Steel bar reinforced concrete construction.
  • 1hp pump
  • Cartridge filter
  • 1 skimmer box
  • 2 returns
  • Pool care kit and start up chemicals for a manual chlorine pool
  • Australian white or gold pebblecrete
  • 200mm wide concrete bondbeam
  • Laying of coping pavers (supplied by owner)
  • 3 step entry
  • 1 swim out or sitting ledge
  • Complete handover and training on how to use your pool

You may want to add things like heating provisions, lighting, salt or mineral sanitisation, pool cleaner, jets, waterline tiles…

You may want to have structural works added like a spa, extended walkway, retaining wall, feature wall and fencing.

Variable exclusions from a standard package are: council fees and homeowners warranty, electrical connection, sand and rock excavations, soil removal, coping supply, travel outside metro areas, temporary fence hire and soundproof filter box enclosure.

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