Pool Buyers Guide – Part 2

April 22, 2017

Is My Backyard Suitable For A Pool?

Okay, so I know I want a pool but is my backyard actually suitable?

So now you know that you want a pool that looks after itself and can be easily seen from the kitchen window ….. Is your backyard suitable?

In most cases, your site will be absolutely fine which is why we predominately advertise a standard pool deal around $24,990.

A standard site can easily fit an excavator up the side and around the back to dig the pool. (for all the technical people out there… 2.5m x 2.5m access is required) Mini Excavators and Hand Excavation crews can charge anywhere from $7000 to $20,000, so it’s good to get a few quotes on this before you meet with our designer. We can help you source these quotes, but there’s not a great deal of these operators in NSW… (good business idea if you’re looking for one as limited access is the fastest growing problem in our industry.. luckily we invented a few swim spas that can be craned in without excavation which is a wonderful solution if mini digs blow the budget. (www.bluehavenspas.com.au)

A standard site is flat. You see a sloping block is going to require one of two things – an excavator to level the block and remove the soil or a form working crew to raise the pool structurally out of ground. A laser level is a good way to check the site slope especially if you have trouble hanging up pictures at home on the wall….

A standard site is clay soil. Sand, fill and rock will add to the construction cost significantly. In most cases, if the entire pool is to be built in sand/rock this can add $6000 to $15,000.

A standard site does not have a sewer line running adjacent or under the desired pool location. This will add costs such as piering, diversion or encasement. If you’re close to a manhole or sewer line get yourself a Peg Out from Sydney Water so we can properly quote you and not guess the depth… http://www.sydneywater.com.au/ProviderInformation/wsc/pegout_ext_print.htm

Almost everything is possible to build, and we’ve pretty much done it all including waterfront properties accessible only by barge.. but the reality of budget can only be determined by you.

Some other things to look out for include checking the suitability of the removal of trees, building with the zone of influence to retaining walls, houses or other structures, retaining walls when pool is lower than natural ground level or a neighbouring property, council fees and special reports they sometimes request like Geotechnical reports, flood studies or Survey plans

Once you understand your site requirements needed to actually BUILD the pool structure then you can start to think about the finishes and fancy stuff you want. Heating, interior, lighting and sanitisation, maybe a slippery dip or feature wall, spa, swim jets, waterline tiles, automated cleaning, Wi-Fi access to control your equipment, outdoor kitchen, glass fencing….. Does it ever end?

At Blue Haven Pools we keep your pool build costs down to the lowest possible so you can budget well for your finishing touches and landscaping.


Council approval or CDC compliant?

Council approval takes forever and a day….  and CDC approvals can be done in as little as 7 days, but the average turnaround is 21 days.

There are reasons why you have to bear the lengthy council approval process, and this includes heritage listed properties, front yard pools, overdeveloped blocks, specific distances to boundaries…

We have put together a more detailed report on compliance and approvals for all the die-hard fans out there. https://bluehaven.com.au/about/getting-started/

But on a serious note – Local Government approvals can get costly and tedious if prompted for reports and special engineering. Your pool builder won’t possibly know all the ins and outs of council’s regulations. They differ from council to council and even from street to street and lot to lot…. So do your own investigating and always check where the sewer line is…. As this may need to be encased or steered clear of.

Blue Haven Pools do not charge a deposit but do obtain funds for the pre-construction process which includes engineering, plan drafting, approval fees, Sydney water diagrams, 149 certificates, administration and design fees. If approval is not granted those fees are non-refundable. I’ve read numerous blogs where people complain about “not refunding deposit and nothing has been done” …. Or “I hope the money went to a good cause in the end” Or “they took my money and couldn’t build my pool” Or my favourite one “I’ve been waiting 6 months and my pool hasn’t even started”.. Well I’m here to tell you that no matter who you are in this world, local government approval can be a complex process which varies dramatically. Approval can be denied from something as simple as a neighbour objecting, even when you ticked every other box.

If you have a difficult site or feel like the pool may exceed built upon area to landscaping build up on ratios – it’s always a good idea to meet with your local town planner at the council and see what’s possible.

Blue Haven Pools will help you obtain approval, where possible, at the lowest cost by providing a dedicated group of surveyors, engineers, water technicians, landscapers, arborists and planning specialist.

We offer an individual property assessment and feasibility report for $2499 which includes:

  • Site meeting & design consultation
  • A detailed assessment of your property including the zoning, size of lands and environmental considerations
  • Comprehensive report including a detailed site sketch of the proposed pool
  • Engineer specifications and tailored report
  • Sewer diagram service report of your property
  • 149 certificate which will determine any specific site conditions and CDC capability


If you enter into a formal building contract with Blue Haven pools, the assessment fee is taken off the contract price. If you chose to simply obtain the diagrams and reports from us, they are 100% your property to use with any other builder.

To obtain a tailored Property and Feasibility Report email Remonda.m@bluehaven.com.au. Once payment is made, services are provided within 3 days. Now that’s service!

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