Let’s go Swimming: A Swimming Pool Design that Suits You.

May 22, 2015

What better way to really have fun in the sun than with your own personal swimming pool? However, the decision to build your own swimming pool may involve a larger thought-process than you may have originally thought. From its size, shape, position, level, type and decorations, the choices are endless, so it’s important to pick a swimming pool design that suits you!

One of the most obvious decisions that needs to be made is whether to have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool. One of the biggest advantages of an indoor pool is that you can protect yourself from that glaring summer sun, and the nasty red sunburn that can result from a day in an outdoor pool. Also, there’s a lot less leaves that need scooping up! However, indoor pools can be much more expensive to build, and often require house extensions. Also, you don’t get to enjoy the outdoors and the lovely summer sun with an indoor pool!

Don’t be put off if you have a small back yard. Pools can be customised in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes; so don’t discount your back yard just yet!

Once you have decided that you want a pool, and know whereabouts you want it, you can get down to the more nitty-gritty aspects of your pool planning process.

Firstly: aboveground or belowground? Using the depth or height of a pool can add layers to your yard, and contribute to its overall format and aesthetic appearance. This might also be a consideration that takes into account safety and convenience. A belowground pool is more visible, and, perhaps, can be located where it can viewed from your outdoor setting or patio. It may, however, need a fence if you have small children or pets.

Another tough choice is what type of pool you want; there are concrete pools, fibreglass pools, vinyl liner pools…so how do you pick? Fibreglass pools are generally cheaper and more durable than concrete and other pool types, as they are less likely to crack in extreme weather. However, discuss this with a pool builder, who can help you make the right decision for you!

A pool should offer more than just its recreational purposes. Pools can be visual masterpieces, if positioned and styled correctly. By adding a water fountain or other decorations you will transform your backyard from bland to beautiful. Add lighting to your pool to inspire awe from dinner guests at night!

There are numerous decisions that need to be made when you decide to build a pool into your backyard. It is therefore very important that you engage with a professional, who can guide you through these choices.

Blue Haven Pools – Australia’s largest pool builders – offer a complete range of backyard pools; from vinyl liner aboveground pools to fibreglass and custom-built concrete pool – they can build it for you! Blue Haven Pools also offer pool repairs and renovations such as: new copings and surrounds, filtration and sanitisation, water features, man-made rockery, timbre work and landscaping and luxury interior finishes.

For more information, email remonda.rose@bluehaven.com.au , or call 13 20 25 to request a quote.

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