Aussie pools as a Décor Item

May 19, 2015

Australian swimming pools are no longer installed in backyards to give the family the chance to splash about and cool down during summer.

In addition to offering plenty of fun and exercise time, the Aussie swimming pool is fast becoming a décor item, beautifully extending indoor areas to outdoor spaces.

With the swimming season fast approaching now is the time to consider the options when putting a new pool or renovating an old one.

Managing Director of Blue Haven Pools and former Board Director of the Pool and Spa Association, Remonda Martinez, says that pools were no longer regarded just as places to splash and play.

In many backyards, the pool is now the driving force” she says. “A growing trend is the integration of pools into a home’s design, enabling a seamless transition from internal living spaces to the water. Today’s home owners want a pool that makes a statement, is aesthetically pleasing, doubles as a fountain or water feature and serves as a backyard oasis”

The team of designers at Blue Haven Pools have noted that people are prioritising differently, seeking a holistic approach to design to ensure the pool fits in with the architecture of a home and the entire property, rather than being the afterthought it once was.

“People are spending a lot more on their homes, so they feel it’s important to protect their investment by integrating the pool into their overall theme” Remonda says.

Trends include plunge pools in courtyards, lap pools running alongside or around a home, living areas built around pools, tropical resort –inspired spas, part of the pool flowing into the home and even pools with retractable decks.

“More and more pool designs are becoming increasingly sophisticated” Remonda says. “For example, a small pool close to the house can bounce light into a dark area of the homes interior. Or viewed at night, it can add an extra dimension to the landscaping when lit by small lights. Something else recently designed is a feature wall imbedded with a mirror reflecting the adjacent bushland giving an incredible feeling of swimming in the trees!”

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