How to Host the Ultimate Pool Party by Remonda

May 26, 2018

For some, warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to sit by the pool and relax. For many though it is the weather calling you to party poolside.

Whether young or simply young at heart, nothing delights quite like a pool party!

Here are my top five tips for hosting the perfect poolside soiree this summer or anytime the weather is warm.


Prepare the pool

No one wants to go swimming in a dirty swimming pool. Clean the pool prior to the party, making sure the water is free of leaves and any debris. Check the chlorine and alkalinity levels as well to ensure the water is safe for swimming.


Decorations and set up

The best advice is to not go overboard when decorating a pool area for a party. Balloons are probably not the best choice because if they pop the remnants will end up in the pool filter. If it’s an evening party set out floating candles and arrange tiki torches around the pool. Make sure there is plenty of seating both undercover and in the sun. Lastly, don’t forget to have extra towels, goggles and sunscreen available.


Entertainment and music

Sure, the pool will be the main focal point of the event but it is important to set the right ambiance. A selection of summer-themed hits is a sure-fire way to get the party started. If it is a sophisticated affair perhaps enlist the assistance of string musicians or play classical music. If you are hosting children, it’s a great idea to have some pool party games organised. Ring toss games are perfect for the little ones, while swimming races, handstands and games like marco polo provide hours of entertainment for the older children. You could also set up some games outside the pool to give guests something to do when they need a break from the pool.


Food and refreshments

Finger food is the most practical for a pool party particularly those that can be served either directly from the fridge or at room temperature. Think fuss free, summer themed food such as dips, fruit platters, cheese plates, salads, icy poles, fruit punch and chips. Use unbreakable platters and cups to ensure no broken glass around pool areas and make sure you don’t serve anything that will spoil in the sun.



Constant adult supervision is the key to a safe pool party with children. Have life jackets, noodles and arm floaties for kids and encourage parents to bring them along as well. Encourage all adults to keep an eye on the pool and at least one or two to refrain from drinking in order to be the designated “lifeguard.” If there are more than 50 guests I recommended that you hire a professional lifeguard for the party. For adult pool parties remember alcohol and swimming don’t mix that well and keep an eye on all your guests.



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