We are Now Offering a 3D Landscaping Plan Service!

April 13, 2018


We’re excited to share that we now have an in-house architect from Cannes, France working with the Blue Haven Team! This means we are now able to create gorgeous landscaping plans in realistic 3D renders so you can have a clear sense of what the final product will look like in your space.

We offer this service before, during, and after construction to all of our customers who are looking to experience this spectacular tool and work with our designer to create a fantastic outdoor space.

You may be wondering what a 3D landscaping plan is. The process involves virtually staging a space (such as your pool surrounds and/or garden) to produce digital, but lifelike, images that can then be manipulated to try out different arrangements. For example, if you are unsure where you’d like to place a swimming pool in your garden, we can create a virtual image of your garden and then move the pool around so that you can see what it would look like in different configurations.

3D landscaping is an excellent design tool that can help you to achieve exactly the look you want in your pool surrounds and garden, and it also incorporates crucial planning elements such as aspect and sunlight. Some of the top benefits of 3D landscaping include:

1.    Lifelike View

While two-dimensional drawings can still be hugely helpful when designing your pool surrounds or garden, 3D rendering allows the designer to adjust building elements, finishes, furniture, lighting, and much more, so that you can see a lifelike representation of what the final product will look like.

Conventional architecture typically is comprised of more geometric shapes and lines, which are relatively easy to visualise and draw. Landscape architecture, on the other hand, is comprised of more free-form shapes and curving lines, which tend to be more difficult to visualise, especially from a two-dimensional drawing. 3D rendering helps to level the playing field by allowing you to move experience and “move through” the design, if only virtually. This can really help you to make sure you end up with a plan you’re delighted with.

2.    Cost Effective

Because a 3D rendering allows you to more clearly see what a design choice will look like in real life, it can help you avoid costly mistakes. Our designer can quickly test and experiment with different design elements and see how they will affect the space overall, so you’re much less likely to make a decision that you’ll end up disliking when you look at it in real life.


3.    Clear Communication

Because you and the designer are both looking at a realistic representation of how the space will look, 3D landscaping decreases the chances of miscommunication when you are trying to describe your desires to the designer.

4.    Peace of Mind

Continuing on the theme of clear communication, 3D landscaping will also give you peace of mind that the project will be carried out as you and the designer discussed and that the final product will look just like your finalized 3D rendering.

Not all homeowners can be present throughout every step of the landscaping installation, but 3D landscaping will give you that extra reassurance that you won’t be coming home to any unpleasant surprises in your landscaping design.

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